Limited edition vinyl: The Blackpool Mecca 1971 – 1979

by Modculture 30 March, 2016

Limited edition vinyl: The Blackpool Mecca 1971 – 1979

Limited edition vinyl: The Blackpool Mecca 1971 – 1979

I wasn’t sure whether to flag this one up or not as the music isn’t obviously ‘mod’. But as the rest of the series has proven so popular, it feels right to cover The Blackpool Mecca 1971 – 1979 on the Outta Sight label.

If you have beeb following this series, you know what to expect. A limited edition vinyl release showcasing the club in question, in this case the Blackpool Mecca. The club and DJ Ian Levine wee responsible for a ‘new sound’ for northern soul taking in more funky ‘70s sounds. It wasn’t universally popular, but definitely had its fans.

You can get an idea of just what went down there by a skim through the track listing below. If that ticks the boxes, the album is out on 10th June 2016, but available to order now for £14.99.

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Track listing:

1. It Really Hurts Me Girl – The Carstairs – The Carstairs
2. You’re Gone – Celest Hardie – Celest Hardie
3. I’m Not Ready – Ujima – Ujima
4. Love Factory – Eloise Laws – Eloise Laws
5. Talkin’ ‘Bout Poor Folks Thinkin’ ‘Bout My Folks – Lou Edwards and Today’s People
6. Tow-A-Way Zone – Diane Jenkins – Diane Jenkins
7. Wrong Crowd – Prince George – Prince George
8. The Bottle – Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson
9. Am I Hot Am I Cold – Bill Harris – Bill Harris
11. Party Music – Pat Lundi – Pat Lundi
12. What A Difference A Day makes – Ester Phillips – Esther Phillips
13. Do What You Feel (Part 1) – Rimshots – The Rimshots