2 new R&B compilations from the US

by Modculture 14 April, 2009

A couple of new R&B and mod soul compilations from America have been released recently and are available to buy in Europe.R&B comps

First up is Music To Get Smart By: Do The Dive Vol. 2 from Jury Records. The 14-track album is limited to just 500 copies. Tracklisting is as follows:
Sugar & Sweet – Do The Dive
Thurston Harris – One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
Sarah Vaughn – Mama
Leon Austin – Turn Me Loose
The Ikettes – I'm Just Not Ready For Love
Gino Parks – Same Thing
Bettye Smith – Much Too Much
Horace Silver – Psychedelic Sally
Billy Storm & The Tempests – Apologize
Betty Harris – Mean Man
The Crystals – I Got A Man
Ted Taylor – Somebody's Always Trying
Aretha Franklin – Rough Lover
The Troopers – Get Out

Secondly we have Grampa's Gully Rock, from Floridita Records, who give us a 25-track dancefloor-friendly collection, featuring:
The Zodiacs – "T" Town
The Ebonettes – Wild Man Walk
Larry Dale – Big Muddy
Jeanette (Baby) Washington – Move On
The Supremes – Don't Leave Me Here To Cry
The Off Beats – Have Love Will Travel
Larry Birdsong – I'm Pleading Just For You
Eddie Bo – Every Dog Got His Day
Arlando King & Earthquakes – Baby Only You
El Pauling, Royal Abbitt & The Royalton – Please, Please, Be Mine
Tiny Topsy – You Shocked Me
Pearl Woods – Sippin' Sorrow
Bobby Marchan & Clowns – You Can't Stop Her
Chico Leverett – Work Work
The Jaguars – Fine Fine Fine
Joe Tex – Ain't I A Mess
Lulu Reed – Say Hey Pretty Baby
Mickey Denton – Dance With Me Mary
Floyd Smith & Montclairs – Granpa's Gully Rock
The Metallics – Get Lost
The Utopians – Dutch Treat
Roger Ballin – Look'a Who
Lillian Offitt – My Man Is A Lover
Tal Miller – B-A-B-Y
The Valentines – That's It Man.

Both comps are out now and available for less than €15 from Soundflat in Germany here and here.