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Quadrophenia USA?

by Modculture 21 November, 2005

Word reaches modculture HQ of a new film in production entitled We Are The Mods.

The film is written by EE Cassidy and Bruce Pavaolon and is being produced by Chris Stinson and Miguel Arteta (director of The Good Girl and Chuck and Buck).

It’s a modern-day high school drama about teen angst in a small town as high school loner Sadie meets new girl Nico, a "self proclaimed" mod.

Nico introduces Sadie to her group of mod friends, whose lives are based around scooters, stylish clothing and a new found appreciation of Quadrophenia.

Sadie ultimately falls for Nico’s boyfriend and has to figure out a way to keep her best friend even though she’s betrayed her trust.

It’s always nice to be open-minded, so we’ll reserve judgement until the premiere. In the meantime, you can find out more at