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Retro Mod 60s Handbag

by Modculture 31 December, 2006

If you want to go for a Mod look, and haven’t got a handbag to match, how about this Retro Mod 60s Handbag?

Quite often you have to trawl the charity shops to get something with a 60s Mod feel, but this handbag is brand new and has all the style you want.  In pastel blue and white with a stylish rounded shape, and round detailing on the side, it has a magnetic closure to make to you don’t lose anything you put in it.

At only $32 (around £17) it’s also quite cheap so, why not add one to your handbag collection?

Find out more on the AsiaJam site

Via Retro To Go

Uniqlo lambswool V-neck cardigan

by Modculture 31 December, 2006

If you don’t fancy paying just under £100 for a classic Fred Perry cardigan (and everyone needs a cardigan in their wardrobe right now), check out a budget version instead – the Uniqlo lambswool V-neck cardigan.

As the name suggests, this is pure lambswool, with a high V-neck, 6 black buttons and two front pockets. It’s available in four colours, including the grey pictured here and retails for a bargain £19.99 – which leaves you around £80 spare to spend in the sales!

Find out more at the Uniqlo website

Via Retro To Go

Absolute Beginners: The Play

by Modculture 27 December, 2006

Colin MacInnes’ tale of the teenager at the turn of the sixties  – Absolute Beginners – has already been a novel and a (widely panned) film. And now it’s set to be a play, debuting at London’s Lyric Theatre.

Details are so far quite sparse, but according to web sources:

"Roy Williams, Soweto Kinch and dance theatre director Liam Steel join forces to create an explosively physical evocation of sexual liberalism, gang culture and racial tension, based on Colin MacInnes’ bestseller Absolute Beginners. Set in the summer of 1958 that ends with the Notting Hill race riots, Absolute Beginners paints a vivid picture of London’s changing society and the emergence of a style-conscious youth culture, as teenagers blow away the cobwebs of post-war life and create the world anew."

It’s down for a run from 26th April 2007 to 26th May 2007 (with an official opening on 3rd May 2007). We’ll let you know more as soon as we receive further information. In the meantime, if you haven’t read the book, add it to your wants list – it’s an essential read.

Lyric Theatre website

Thanks to Greg for the tip off!

James Brown: A tribute

by Modculture 25 December, 2006

Websites and newspapers are full of words talking about James Brown and the impact he had on the world of music and popular culture. Rightly so, but in my view, the best tribute of all is simply the man’s work. Enjoy this clip of JB from 1966 – no words needed.

MySpace: The Anydays

by Modculture 23 December, 2006

First featured MySpace band on Modculture is The Anydays.

The band is a three-piece, hailing from, Oxford, with their influences listed as The Kinks, The Beatles, The Jam and The La’s. And listening to the tracks on their MySpace site, you can hear that.

A sound reminiscent of traditional indie/powerpop, but with a definite 60s vibe. All the tracks from their EP (Monday Morning) are available in full on their site. The EP was recorded at Toerag Studios, using the same micing desk used for the Beatles’ Revolver album. Have a listen and let us know what you think below.

The Anydays MySpace site

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