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Pop Fiction @ The Barbican

by Modculture 31 January, 2006

Ok, they’ve not made a good record for as long as I can remember, but Saint Etienne have their use – like curating this new pop film season at The Barbican in London.

The selections, over three dates, are a mix of lost films and obscure music-based dramas missing presumed lost – including a Play For Today based on the Two Tone movement and one starring Ray Davies.

Here’s what’s on in full:

Ladies and Gentlemen…The Fabulous Stains
Rarely seen in this country, The Fabulous Stains follows a fictitious punk girl group (featuring Diane Lane and Laura Dern) touring with a washed up Glam band and an up and coming English punk group – Sex Pistols Paul Cook and Steve Jones, The Clash’s Paul Simonon and Ray Winstone.
The film was acknowledged by the likes of Bikini Kill as an influence on the Riot Grrl scene.
US 1980 Dir. Lou Adler 87 min.

Three Minute Heroes
BBC Play For Today
Five Midlands kids on the dole play in a 2 Tone band.
UK 1982 60min.

Reprising her Cathy Come Home/Poor Cow role, Carol White is a single mum living on a south London estate whose life changes when she meets rock star Mike Preston (Roy Harper) on Brighton beach. Made was chosen, along with Clockwork Orange, to represent Britain at the 1972 Venice Film Festival.
UK 1972 Dir. John McKenzie 101 min.

The Long Distance Piano Player
Play For Today
Ray Davies is bullied by his manager (Norman Rossington) into playing a 48 hour piano marathon in a seaside town. Includes the otherwise unheard Kinks songs Marathon and Got To Be Free.
UK 1971 Dir. Philip Saville 62 mins

Jumping Bean Bag
Play for Today
This 1976 Play For Today has never been reshown until now, its 30th anniversary. Public school Glam band Slag Bag dream of being "as big as the Bay City Rollers". With singer Ozzie Freemantle (David ‘Ford Prefect’ Dixon) and drummer Snare (Denis Lawson) and songs like Snake Madness, they debut at an end-of-year school play, are expelled, then rise swiftly to the top only for disaster to strike. Among their loyal fans is a young Linda Robson.
UK 1976 Dir. Alan Cooke 69 mins

Toyah Willcox and Phil Daniels star as kids who break into a TV studio only to be caught by Noel Edmonds.
UK 1976 30 mins

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Wheelie Bag news

by Modculture 31 January, 2006

DJ Wheelie Bag is no longer running his Monday night session at the Keston Lodge in Islington. Instead he may be moving to a bar in Camden. Fortunately there’s no change to his long-running, ever-popular Wednesday night sessions at the Pillars of Hercules in Soho.

For more info on Wheelie Bag’s sessions and other top London club nights check out The London Dossier – – London’s premier listings site

Bronco Bullfrog in Brighton

by Modculture 31 January, 2006

If you happen to be in the Brighton area on Sunday February 5th, you can catch a rare screening of late 60s Brit cult movie Bronco Bullfrog.

Bronco is a film you’ll love or hate and is described in the blurb as "filmed in neo-realist style (director Platts-Mills was dubbed the British Pasolini) and shot on location in London’s East End, this is something you really shouldn’t miss". It’s fame stems from the real people used as actors, with real style – and is the only instance of the suedehead look in film. A gallery of images from the film is due to appear on Modculture soon.

The film is showing at the Duke of York’s picture house in Brighton, commencing at 1:30 and followed by a Q & A with director Barney Platts-Mills.

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Lambretta amphiscooter

by Modculture 31 January, 2006

Due to the number of enquiries we’ve had due to the mention of the Lambretta amphiscooter on Robert Elm’s Radio London show (I’ll take your word for it – I’m in Manchester!), I’ve decided to put up the specific link to save you all searching around for it.

You can view the mini clip here:

Now go and build one. But don’t forget your life jacket.

Revival reviewer wanted

by Modculture 30 January, 2006

Keen observers of Modculture will probably have noted that I’m neither expert or all that enthusiastic about the sound of the mod revival. That’s not a slight on the bands – it just happens that I wasn’t there to enjoy it and have never really been taken by a lot of the music on offer. Like all things, each to their own.

With that in mind, and because I feel it’s important to cover all music that appeals to mods, I’m on the look out for a revival reviewer to cover the regular releases/reissues that come throguh the letterbox.

Ideally, the person must enjoy that area of music, be able to write a bit if they put their mind to it and be able to do a review within a week of receiving the music. Benefits are your name in lights and obviously free music!

Interested? Contact us to find out more or to register your interest.