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Love Shepherd in Manchester

by Modculture 28 April, 2006

will turn into the psychedelic underground on May 5th when the mysterious Love Shepherd rolls into town. Where other psych influenced nights have been dubbed as too self indulgent or worse still, cliquey, Love Shepherd is promising something else. A wild night of dancing for anyone who wants it.

One of the flock, Lee Janda says “It’s not about who has the rarest misprint record… it’s about dancing and music, not stamp collecting”.

The night will be held at the Dry Bar on Oldham Street, which in recent years has had a dodgy reputation, but it would seem that the new crowd in there have cleaned up the clientele and are welcoming the new 60’s heads in. It would seem that the venue is no longer desperate to cling to its Madchester roots, and now opting for the exciting sounds of psychedelia, mod R’n’B, kraut, garage punk, acid folk, prog and country, brought by the six DJ’s of Love Shepherd.

Lee Janda added that “Although it’s a strictly vinyl only affair, we want to stay away from the pretentiousness that some nights suffer from, but by the same token, I don’t want someone turning up playing off a fuckin’ Ipod like someone I played with recently” he continued “What we’re after is an all inclusive night that gets everyone in – dancing – as opposed to a room full of chin strokers”.

The night is also going to have eye melting visuals, brain frying sounds and a good friendly crowd. With it being in the basement of the Dry Bar, the night should have a great little atmosphere and a killer selection of tunes “some you know, some you’ll want to get to know better” added another ‘herder Mof Gimmers.

Love Shepherd will take place the first Friday of every month.

Tim Watkinson

Email: [email protected]

Our podcast – get your band featured

by Modculture 28 April, 2006

New bands on Modculture – it’s the boggest saga since – well since anything really. But now it’s been simplified and will all be bundled into a high-profile podcast.

Podcast – a selection of tracks all joined together as one big MP3 file and available to download to anyone’s PC.

The plan now for new bands is simple – we’ll do a monthly podcast of new bands – 10 bands, 1 track each, available (I hope) through iTunes (free of charge to all obviously), with details on each band posted on the Modculture site.

Get your band involved:
Here’s what you need to do. You’ll need one original (no covers) track on MP3 (128kb). Send that over to [email protected] (keep trying if inbox is full) and if you cut it, you’ll get on the podcast. I’ll get back to you for more details for the web – and hopefully you’ll get your music heard by a very wide audience.

Forget record labels, you don’t need them to reach out to a mass audience. All you need is a good track.

Any questions or of you’re having problems sending tracks, email me at [email protected].

YouTube: Lucozade's "Mod" advert

by Modculture 25 April, 2006

A real classic for this week’s YouTube clip. Remember the Lucozade ad from – oh a good few years back – Jimmy (who forgets his sandwiches) off to Brighton to the strains of "Louie Louie"?

Well, if you remember it, you can relive it again below. And if you’ve never seen it, it’s perhaps one of the very very few times that the media has actually got vaguely close to getting the mod scene right. Only vaguely mind. And it’s a "must see".

This was dug up by Guy Joseph (who’s in the ad). There’s a topic going strong in the forums about it – or if you have any comments, feel free to add them below. Oh yes, and send us the link to your favourite YouTube clips and we’ll tell the world.

Dennis Greaves – free live show

by Modculture 23 April, 2006

On Friday 12th May, former Nine Below Zero frontman Dennis  Greaves will perform a very special accoustic set – an exclusive "one-off", accompanied by Steve Morrison. And it’s absolutely free to get in.

The music starts at 8pm with a guest DJ – but be warned, places for this special event are limited to 80 people only, so early attendance recommended.

For more information on Dennis Greaves visit

Venue details:
Filthy MacNastys,
68 Amwell street,
EC1 London
Nearest tubes: Angel, King Cross

Telephone: 02078376067
Email: [email protected]

Paul Weller – new live album

by Modculture 22 April, 2006

Paul Weller
is releasing (another) live album on June 12th – but this time it’s a double.

It’s entitled Catch – Flame! and was recorded at London’s Alexandra Palace on the 5th December last year.

The album will be released on Ltd Edition CD, standard double CD and double gatefold vinyl, which includes an additional 7" vinyl disc and poster.

Want to know the tracklisting? Click the link below to find out what’s on it.

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Mod/60s tops on eBay

by Modculture 17 April, 2006

Yes, it’s clearout time again. And the first items of the great Modculture clearout are now on eBay.

First up is a selection of vintage polo shirts – all are almost "as new" and all have rather smart (and unusual) vintage designs (as the one pictured). If you want to see and perhaps bid on the tops, which start from just £2 each, have a look at:

Check out the vintage polo shirts on eBay

And feel free to ask any questions, should you need to know anything about them. And I do ship worldwide. More items going online very soon, watch this space.

The joy of ITC

by Modculture 17 April, 2006

In the 60s and early 70s, ITC ruled the roost when it came to action-packed TV shows. Every one was packed full of ridiculous plotlines, featuring jet-setting secret agents attracting the ladies whilst driving top marque sports cars in all manner of cool locations.

They worked because they packed a top-notch cast and some impressive writing into each 50-minute episode and they stuck in your mind because of an annoyingly catchy theme tune, thrown out by (more often than not) by John Barry.

Well, there’s no better time to discover or re-introduce yourself to these shows.

Check out ITV4 for some of the best every evening, including Man In A Suitcase, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), The Zoo Gang, The Champions, Department S, The Saint, The Persuaders, Jason King and UFO.

And here at Modculture, we’ll be reviewing each one as they hit DVD. New online are reviews of The Saint – Complete Colour Series and The Adventurer. We’ll have the best of the rest as soon as they hit the shelves.

White Bicycles by Joe Boyd

by Modculture 16 April, 2006

The full title is White Bicycles: Making Music In The 1960s by Joe Boyd – and if you have an interest in the 60s music scene, particularly the later 60s British scene, this forthcoming book looks like being pretty much essential.

Joe Boyd was a music promoter, record producer and a man at the heart of the 60s underground. He was co-founder of the UFO Club, the focal point of British psychedelia, alongside John Hopkins before getting involved with the rapidly-growing British folk scene, taking charge of acts such as the Incredible String Band, Fairport Convention and Nick Drake.

This book is his story. And there’s seems plenty to call upon. It’s out on May 25th through Serpent’s Tail.

More on the book from