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YouTube: The Seeds

by Modculture 25 May, 2006

I love this clip. It’s a classic piece of 60s garage from The Seeds, with their first 45, the wonderful "Pushin’ Too Hard" from 1966. Except, of course, it’s not quite your typical clip – it seems to be from some American sitcom of the same era, with the band doing a guest spot.

Picture quality isn’t as good as you’d like, but it’s still decent and the music more than makes up for it. Enjoy!

Don’t forget – send us your favourite clips and we’ll feature them.

Cool Retro TV W/C 26th May

by Modculture 25 May, 2006

Barry Murphy once more trawls the TV and radio guides (so you don’t have to) to find anything worth tuning into this week. All listings are for UK terrestrial TV, Freeview and national radio, with the shows running from Friday 26th May to Thursday 1st June.

Highlight of The Week: The Summer of Love – Saturday 27th BBC 2 9.10pm – 10.10pm

During the summer of 1967, the youthquake, which had been shaking 60s Britain, reached its climax. Young people turned their backs on their parents values, cast off the cloaks of convention and threw themselves into social, sexual and pharmacological revolution. British hippies rallied to anti-Vietnam war demos and partied to the sounds of pirate radio, which was banned in August by an outraged establishment. Love was in the air in 67. The Beatles All You Need is Love became the anthem of the summer and free love was enabled by the pill, which was declared safe for use in May. The summer of love also witnessed the widespread use of LSD and the rise of psychedelia. Meanwhile, The Rolling Stones were convicted of drug possession, as the campaign to legalise pot raged on throughout the summer. This really was a summer which changed Britain forever. Features exclusive colour home movie footage of Twiggy’s 67 tour of the US.

Narrated by Bill Nighy and featuring interviews with:
Donovan. 1967: Folk musician and flower child
Bill Wyman 1967: Bass player, The Rolling Stones
Micky Dolenz 1967: The Monkees
Barbara Hulanicki. 1967: Running Biba
Vidal Sassoon 1967: Perfecting his bob cut
Mary Quant 1967: Cutting her skirts extra short
Johnnie Walker. 1967: DJ, Radio Caroline
John Birt. 1967: Television Producer, Jagger on World in Action
Tony Benn. 1967: Post-Master General banning the radio pirates
David Steel. 1967: Youngest MP in Parliament

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BBC's summer of 1967

by Modculture 24 May, 2006

I’m not sure if this a one-hour special or a first instalment, the press release isn’t clear, but this BBC2 documentary on swinging London and the summer of ’67, under the title Summer Of Love, cerrtainly seems to pack a lot in.

Covering the usual ground of rebellion against the establishment, sexual revolution, LSD and outrageous fashions set to a 60s soundtrack, the programme features interviews with Donovan, Bill Wyman, Micky Dolenz, Barbara "Biba" Hulanicki, Vidal Sassoon, Mary Quant and Johnnie Walker, plus politicians and media types of the day.

Certainly worth setting the video (or DVD recorder) for. It’s on Saturday 27th May at 9:10pm on BBC2.

Via Retro To Go

Sixties Graphics at the V&A

by Modculture 22 May, 2006

It’s going to be a sixties summer over at the V&A. As well as the Swinging London exhibition, they’ll also be hosting a display of graphic material including posters, magazines, photographs, album covers and other printed ephemera, covering the period 1965-1972.

Sixties Graphics will focus on the huge explosion of talent in London in the mid-sixties, as well as charting the emergence of the ‘counter-culture’, the ‘underground press’ and the development of psychedelia.

On show will be key works by Peter Blake, plus inconic posters by artists Nigel Waymouth and Michael English (who worked together as Hapshash and the Coloured Coat), Martin Sharp and others, plus images of musicians of the day and graphics created for ‘underground’ gatherings, events and clubs, such as UFO and Middle Earth.

Sixties Graphics will run from 6th June to 12th November 2006. Entry will be free.

Find out more at the V&A website

Cool Retro TV W/C 19th May

by Modculture 21 May, 2006

Barry Murphy once more trawls the TV and radio guides (so you don’t have to) to find anything worth tuning into this week. All listings are for UK terrestrial TV, Freeview and national radio, with the shows running from Friday 19th May to Thursday 25th May.

Highlight of The Week: Brighton Rocks – My Beautiful Lambretta – Thursday 25th May Radio 4 3.30pm – 3.45pm

A poor week for TV and radio, the most interesting of which is this radio drama, written by Lee Pressman and read by Struan Rodger and Keith Drinkel. A mod and a rocker are bought together to tell their version of events when, in May 1964, thousands of teenagers battled it out along the sea front at Brighton.

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60s British psych posters

by Modculture 20 May, 2006

With an exhibition due at the V&A later this year (more on that later), it might be a good time to invest in some of the eccentric British poster art of the late 60s. After a good deal of searching around, I’ve found a website that has a great selection of original posters from the era.

Psychotron has a range of poster art from the clubs (for example, the Ricky Tick and UFO) , from live gigs and a number promoting Oz magazine, in particular, the work of Martin Sharp.

There’s also a selection of posters from other countries, especially the USA, plus some more affordable re-prints from the era. The website isn’t the best in the world, but if you’re looking for a shrewd investment, there’s plenty here that should serve you well in years to come.

Visit the Psychotron website

Cult movie site Cinedelica launched

by Modculture 20 May, 2006

As vintage film and TV buffs (and knowing a lot of people who feel the same way), we thought we’d spend a bit more time writing about it – so we’ve launched Cinedelica, a cult film and TV website that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It will run alongside the film material on Modculture, but will cover cult film and TV from the 1920s right through to the present day, covering every genre – as long as it’s interesting!

We hope to pack in reviews, features, news, the best of YouTube, long-lost film trailers, forthcoming showings on the big and small screen plus anything else that fits the bill – all updated daily.

It’s just gone live, you can find it at:

Want to write for Cindelica?
If you have an interest in cult film and TV, we’d love to hear from you if you want to write for Cindelica. It could be something you find on the web, reviews, news snippets – anything accepted.

Get in touch with us via email at [email protected]

YouTube: The Creation

by Modculture 12 May, 2006

After the popularity of last week’s Small Faces clip, let’s enjoy somehting in a similar vein – The Creation.

Enjoy these two tracks (Painter Man and Stop Me), then try to work out how the band weren’t huge.

Football fashions of 1966

by Modculture 11 May, 2006

The picture to your right is Bobby Moore and Martin Peters having a wander near England’s team hotel in 1966, taken from a fantastic new book of unseen photos taken around the World Cup of 1966 – 1966 Uncovered.

Many aren’t taken on the football pitch – and that’s the really fascinating thing. Five main chapters are packed with pictures from the regional stages, then onto the knockout matches and the final.

It’s amazingly quirky – from Nobby Stiles buying records, Pele in the pouring rain of Bolton, the North Koreans watching Laurel and Hardy through to the Italians doing the full-on rat pack in Durham, the Germans in really cool knitted sports tops and all manner of strange locals to scare the players.

Expect a full review soon – certainly one to browse in your local bookshop.

Cool Retro TV W/C 12th May

by Modculture 11 May, 2006

Barry Murphy once more trawls the TV and radio guides (so you don’t have to) to find anything worth tuning into this week. All listings are for UK terrestrial TV, Freeview and national radio, with the shows running from Friday 12th May to Thursday 18th May.

Highlight(s) of The Week Girls and Boys – Sex and British Pop(1/4) Love Me Do – The 1960s BBC 4. 9.00pm – 10.00pm Friday 12th May.

First in a series of programmes about the pop music revolution of the last 40 years and the very British fascination with sex and gender that helped to drive it.

The 1960s was the decade of short skirts, long-haired men in kaftans, the pill, and legalised gay sex. It saw the rise of beat groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, the new pop girls like Cilla, Marianne and Sandie, and a more assertive generation of screaming fans. It was also the start of our fascination with camp – step forward Brian Jones and Mick Jagger.

Featuring period archive footage and contributions from Cilla Black, Dave Davies, Marianne Faithfull, Eric Burdon, Sandie Shaw, Robin Gibb, Yoko Ono and Cynthia Lennon.

Followed later the same night by…

Originals: Ronnie Lane. The Passing Show – The Life and Music of Ronnie Lane:  BBC 4. 10.30pm – 11.30pm Friday 12th May.

Friends and colleagues recall the life and career of the maverick and critically acclaimed musician who died in 1997. 

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