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Miss Selfridge 60s-style shift dress

by Modculture 31 July, 2006

It’s certainly a great time for anyone with a love of 60s styles to boost their wardrobe – with just about every high street store having a couple of interesting garments in their range, New this week at Miss Selfridge is this yellow 60s-style shift dress.

It’s got a fairly authentic 60s look, with the only additions being a central waistband and bow.

if you’re quick, you can grab one for a very reasonable £40. If you see anymore cool 60s fashions on the high street, please let us know.

Find out more at the Miss Selfridge website

Via Catwalk Queen

YouTube: Graham Bond Organisation

by Modculture 31 July, 2006

It’s easy not easy to find clips of top 60s R&B combo the Graham Bond Organisation, but luckily for us, a particularly odd (and not very good) movie was made in 1965 – Gonks Go Beat – which starred the band,

Don’t expect a rough ‘n’ ready live track in a basement bar – this movie about an "intergalactic music war between Beatland & Balladisle" is strictly miming. But it should give you an idea of the group – and if you like it, it’s well worth picking up the 2-on-1 CD "Sound of ’65/There’s a Bond Between Us". Enjoy….

Free Sympathy For The Devil DVD

by Modculture 31 July, 2006

Sympathy For The Devil
, Jean-Luc Godard’s take on late 60s American counterculture, interspersed with footage of the Rolling Stones recording the Beggar’s Banquet album (or vice versa) was recently reissued by Fabulous Films and is selling on Amazon right now for around £16.

So it must be really annoying if you picked it up – as the Sunday Times is giving it away – absolutely free – on Sunday 6th August.

I’m guessing there’s a drawback. Ok, it’ll just have a small slipcase rather than the big DVD case of the retail release. And you’ll not get the trailers and biographies that pad out the latest DVD issue.

But it’s £16 cheaper – so make sure you get yourself down to the newsagents early. And if you’ve just bought one – I’d take it back.

Find out more from the Sunday Times website

YouTube: St Louis Union

by Modculture 27 July, 2006

If you’ve ever seen the film Ghost Goes Gear (reviewed by us here), you’ll know it’s a typical throwaway 60s pop flick, comical to watch once, but otherwise far from a classic. It does, however, have a few redeeming factors – the "live" appearances by the Spencer Davis Group, some of the extras’ clothing and rare footage of the St Louis Union.

And yes – that’s turned up on YouTube. Well, one of the tracks anyway – English Tea. Enjoy this slab of Small Faces-esque Hammond pop – but think twice before you buy the movie, remember this move also features a live appearance by Acker Bilk!

Peter Blake Pop Art Enamel badges

by Modculture 26 July, 2006

Famous for both the Sgt Pepper’s sleeve (and more recently Paul Weller’s Stanley Road), Peter Blake is first and foremost a very sought-after artist – both for his original works and his limited edition prints – and certainly one worth investing in.

If you haven’t got any room left on your walls – or you simply want to invest in something a little different (and more affordable), how about these Peter Blake Pop Art enamel badges?

For your money, you get four enamel badges (which should look quite familiar to anyone with the Stanley Road album), measuring 36mm x 36mm each, each set boxed, signed and numbered from a limited edition of just 2000 worldwide.

They’ll set you back £25 (plus postage), but seem a very shrewd investment – certainly for any Paul Weller fan.

Find out more at the Pallant Gallery webshop

Paul Weller limited edition Fred Perry

by Modculture 26 July, 2006

Fancy owning an extremely limited edition Fred Perry top, designed by Paul Weller? Well, now you can – if you’re quick.

FP and PW have come together to produce an ultra limited edition Fred Perry polo shirt, produced to Weller’s particular specifications – and it’s limited to just 200 items worldwide. Each limited edition will be numbered, with a signature label in each top. Once sold, it will never be re-made.

To get one, you need to register your email address at the specific Paul Weller page at Fred Perry, which you’ll find at:

– you’ll then receive more information and advanced notification of availability before the rest of the Fred Perry mailing list, and before the public at large. Registering does not guarantee you a shirt – but it does give you a chance!

What are you waiting for?

Shimmy – Biff Bang Pow compilation

by Modculture 25 July, 2006

If you’ve ever considered buying a single or album from the Biff Bang Pow label, but have been in two minds which one to go for, here’s a solution – Shimmy, a compilation of 20 tracks featuring some of the best Mod bands currently playing live and recording.

It’s available as of this week for £12.25 plus postage and packing, directly from the label’s website.


1) Mark Joseph – Get Back Sally
2) The Fay Hallam Trinity – Stand Up
3) Adrian Holder – Goodbye Tuesday
4) Getaway – Back In The Chicken Shack
5) RT4 – Before The Night
6) Thee Jenerators – Shake Some Action
7) The Soul City Experience – Out Of The Blue
8) Yeh-Yeh – What The Papers Say
9) Green Circles – Brown House In Stepney
10) The Lost 45s – Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
11) The Impact Four – She’s Arrived
12) Immediate – Just Add Some Colour
13) Small World – There’s A Place
14) Long Tall Shorty – Night and Day
15) Mojo – Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
16) The Bresslaws – Backfist Baby
17) Freebooting Profiteers – Supercool, Supercruel
18) Curlee Wurlee – L’Essence des Sens
19) Darron J Connett – Keep Your Soul Clean
20) The Flying Squad – Saturday In Soho

Biff Bang Pow website

Bid for a Who fruit machine

by Modculture 24 July, 2006

Here’s an amazingly obscure piece of Who memorabilia – a fruit machine that once belonged to John Entwistle.

Or rather – a fruit machine that’s claimed to have once belonged to the now-deceased Who bassist. I’m pretty sure it did – evidence of ownership comes from a previous auction catalogue featuring the machine.

This early 70s fruit machine, which is currently up for grabs on eBay, is a Gemini four reel "Stardust" with a £40 Jackpot and was previously to be found at Entwistle’s "Quarwood" home. I’d suggest inviting your mates round with their £1 coins to make your cash back – but they didn’t have £1 coins back then – you might need some old 10p pieces to use it!

Anyway, if you need this for your house, it’s yours for a starting bid of £750.

Visit the eBay auction page