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YouTube: Mod revival of 1979

by Modculture 23 July, 2006

This is for everyone who says this site doesn’t feature enough relating to the Mod revival of 1979 onwards (probably because we don’t get sent that many articles, images or snippets about it in truth).

The clip seems to be a short news price on the revival. Entertaining rather than informative (or indeed accurate), you get some archive footage, footage of the day and Secret Affair doing Time For Action live (along with a short Ian Page interview).

If you find anything else interesting on YouTube, please let us know.

Antonioni's Blow-Up

by Modculture 23 July, 2006

I love Blow-Up – but can’t for a minute pretend I really understand it. David Hemmings’ is the David Bailey-esque photographer who believes he’s captured a murder when he blows up a photo he’s taken in a London park. But no-one really cares.

Perhaps Antonioni is emphasising the shallowness of Swinging London – or perhaps it’s something more (or less) deep. Either way, it’s an enjoyable film – and very much a statement of style (Antonioni even had the grass painted green in the park).

That style is currently being exhibited at the Photographers’ Gallery in London under the title Antonioni’s Blow-Up. Paintings by Ian Stephenson, an artist who utilised a splatter-gun style, were a powerful influence on Antonioni, who featured his work in the film. This exhibition features some of those paintings alongside pictures taken by Don McCullin for Antonioni of Maryon Park – the place where the photographer believes he has captured the murder on film, along with photos taken on set by Arthur Evans.

The exhibition is on now and runs until September 17th.

Find out more at the Photographers’ Gallery website

Saint Etienne launches Eclipse label

by Modculture 23 July, 2006

Saint Etienne has always had the time of this particular writer – some hit ‘n’ miss recent material, but as latter day pop culture curators, they’ve dug up some interesting music and film over recent years.

So it’s no surprise that the band has been given their own label – with the brief to dig into the Universal archives (which covers the likes of Philips, Decca, A&M, Island, Polydor, Mercury, ABC, Dunhill and MCA) to pick out the lost gems for reissue, mixing big name acts with some of the crate diggers’ favourites.

The first batch of releases on the Eclipse label is something of a big bunch from the 60s – another Dusty Springfield compilation and a Chris Montez collection don’t really get the pulse racing, but more interesting is a collection of long-lost girl pop from the 60s under the title "Girls Are At It Again: UK Beat Girls 1964-1969" and The Peddlers’ Suite London, a library music-style sampler’s favourite from 1968.

All the releases are available from July 24th, mid-price CD only. Many more releases set to follow.

More details from the Saint Etienne website

New Look does the 60s

by Modculture 20 July, 2006

Yes, more 60s fashion on the high street. These stylish outfits are courtesy of New Look’s forthcoming Autumn/Winter collection – which might not sound ideal purchases just now – but you’ll appreciate them when November approaches.

Left: Pink check wool coat £70, Angora baker boy hat £8, Leather driving gloves £12, Quilted bowling bag £12, Shoes £20.

Black & white dogtooth coat £70, Black baker boy hat £8, Black gloves, £18, Shoes £20.

New Look website

Via Catwalk Queen

Mister Jericho reissued on DVD

by Modculture 20 July, 2006

Fans of the Avengers might be interested in the DVD re-release of the movie Mister Jericho starring Patrick Macnee, unseen since first shown on ITV in 1969.

Directed by Sidney Hayers (who also did The Persuaders) and written by Philip Levene (The Avengers) and with a Laurie Johnson score,  Mister Jerico has Patrick Macnee starring in a typically 60s tale of double identity and diamond theft.

Dudley Jerico (Patrick Macnee) sets out to rob corrupt millionaire Victor Rosso (Herbert Lom), of his legendary Gemini diamond. Rosso is obsessed with obtaining the stone’s twin so Jerico obtains a perfect copy of the stone as part of his plan to swindle Rosso. But before he can fleece him a mysterious woman from Paris called Mademoiselle Claudine (Connie Stevens) appears, claiming she has the twin Gemini diamond. Rosso knows that one of them is lying, but which one..?

Along with the movie, extras include two Patrick Macnee interviews (from 1986 and 1997), along with a Herbert Lom interview from 1982. It’s available from 28th August 2006 – Amazon are doing pre-orders for it at just £7.50.

More on the film at

Daptone Records 7-inch record bag

by Modculture 13 July, 2006

New York’s Daptone Records are top of the tree when it comes to classic soul and funk grooves with a modern slant, so it’s no surprise to see this really stylish Daptone record bag – or the Dap-Sack – from the label, made to carry and protect your vintage 7-inch singles and to boost your style rating.

It’s made of a sturdy water-resistant fabric, with an adjustable velcro top flap to accommodate up to 90 7-inch records, along with protective "rain-guard" flaps. It also features a hard plastic feet keep your records out of beer puddles and a rigid reinforced bottom panel to prevent bending and breakage.

There’s also four extra pockets for your bits and pieces, along with two pen pockets and adjustable strap – and of course, that Daptone label so everyone knows you’re in the know.

Available from the newly-launched Daptone shop, you can pick it up for a bargain $24.99 (which is around £13.50).

Find out more from Daptone Records

Georgy Girl in Manchester

by Modculture 13 July, 2006

40 years after its original release, the film with arguably the most infuriatingly-catchy theme tune and the most stylish wardrobe of the 60s – Georgy Girl – returns for a rare screening at Manchester’s Cornerhouse on Sunday 23rd July.

For those of you who’ve not seen the movie, Lynn Redgrave is Georgy, the dumpy flatmate of bitchy "dolly bird" Meredith (Charlotte Rampling). Georgy watches Swinging London from the sidelines, only to find herself the object of desire of her married, older boss. But soon Georgy’s dreams come perilously close to being realised in this comedy of "sexual manners".

Clothes are by Mary Quant, theme tune by the Seekers. The film is showing as part of the cinema’s regular Breakfast Club, which combines a classic movie with a full English (or veggie) breakfast. Book early as these events always sell out.

And make a note in your diary for Sunday 6th August – Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville is the next movie showing at the Breakfast Club.

Find out more at the Cornerhouse website

Paul Weller – new UK tour dates

by Modculture 13 July, 2006

Paul Weller has announced a tour for later in the year. Dates confirmed for the UK are as follows:

MON 20/11/2006 – Newcastle City Hall Newcastle 
TUE 21/11/2006 – Newcastle City Hall Newcastle
THU 23/11/2006 – Sheffield Octagon Sheffield 
FRI 24/11/2006 – Barrowland Glasgow
SAT 25/11/2006 – Barrowland Glasgow
MON 27/11/2006 – Apollo Manchester
TUE 28/11/2006 – Apollo Manchester 
THU 30/11/2006 – The Civic Hall Wolverhampton
SAT 02/12/2006 – Brighton Centre Brighton 
MON 04/12/2006 – Gloucester Leisure centre Gloucester
WED 06/12/2006 – The Forum London
THU 07/12/2006 – The Forum London

Tickets are on sale now at or check locally for a box office.