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John Smedley Factory Sale

by Modculture 25 October, 2006

If the drop in temperature has got you thinking about classic knitwear, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s an upcoming John Smedley Factory Sale.

As ever, you’ll be able to pick up end-of-range, surplus and slight imperfects for seriously knockdown prices – just as long as you don’t mind getting up early and battling with the crowds for the best pieces and prices.

It takes place from Friday November 14th through to Sunday 16th November, 10am until 4pm on each each day. If you’ve never visited the John Smedley factory, you’ll find it at John Smedley Ltd, Lea Mills, Lea Bridge (near Matlock), Derbyshire, DE4 5AG. Check out the current range via the link below.

John Smedley online

Bargain Duffer coats in TK Maxx

by Modculture 24 October, 2006

If you’re in the market for a winter coat, it might be worth checking out TK Maxx, which seems to have taken delivery of some very smart Duffer St George coats in several stores – at very cheap prices.

First up is this black Crombie (pictured here), with velvet collar, ticket pocket and centre vent. The second coat is a black double breasted pea coat with epaulettes (picture after the turn). Both have been heavily reduced to £150. Confirmed sightings in Leeds and Liverpool, so looks like most of the major stores should have some stock. But they’re likely to go, so get in there as soon as you can.

TK Maxx website

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Watch Your Step at The Social

by Modculture 24 October, 2006

If you’re in London and looking for a great night out on Thursday (26th October), get yourself down to The Social for Watch Your Step (which replaces the advertised night Stoned Love).

It’s a late replacement for a cancelled night, but hopefully there’ll be a good crowd dancing until midnight to the finest black and white Rhythm and Blues and a splash of Northern.

DJs: Adam Torel and Liam Hughes
7.00 to Midnight.
Admission: Free

Expect to hear loads of Freddy King, Little Milton, Fenton Robinson, Cookie Jackson, High Numbers, Mitty Collier etc. For more information email Liam Hughes.

The Social
5 Little Portland St, W1
Nearest Tube is Oxford Circus.

Review: Stop! Look! Listen! at the NFT

by Modculture 23 October, 2006

National Film Theatre, London 12th/13th October 2006

In our endless search for the sights and sounds of the 60s, we are prepared to go anywhere, anytime, at the merest suggestion of a rare track unheard for decades, or a film clip, unseen since those heady, colourful days. Sometimes, we are rewarded for our persistence, as me and my good lady were, when we attended two of the NFT’s Stop! Look! Listen! Programmes.

They contained collections of short clips from magazine-type programmes made by the (Orwellian-sounding) Central Office of Information, to publicise Britain’s popular art and culture overseas, principally to the Commonwealth. Those lucky Canadians, Nigerians and Australians got to see some eye-popping colour footage we never did. Yes, colour! With only a few exceptions, the clips were in glorious, if sometimes faded colour, and I would contend that nothing gives you the flavour of that magical decade more than the colours people were wearing in their clothes.

‘Swinging London Fashion’ opened up with an item about late ‘50’s ladies couture, but quickly moved on to some wild footage of Twiggy and Peggy Moffitt wearing op art jewellery. The Twig and The Peg need little introduction to readers  of Modculture, and to see the two of them dancing and fooling about in very little apart from jewellery ensured my undivided attention. If you’re new to the scene, you’ll almost certainly have heard of Twiggy already, but for Peggy, just think ‘two big eyes on a stick, crowned with a geometric bob’ Her breathtaking features are a template for a good ten per cent of mod girls, with Twiggy making up at least another ten, maybe more. A further clip of Twiggy and friends striding, running and driving around an otherwise grim, grey London in the mid-sixties came and went all too quickly. A trip down ‘our’ Carnaby Street (i.e. not the pedestrianised lumberjack boot and sports shirt-selling tourist-infested ninth circle of hell it is today) followed, and we hungrily devoured the briefest glimpses of shops like Lord John, Domino Male, and the outrageously-titled ‘Tres Camp’ (!) It was hard to decide whether to look at the shop windows or the people looking in, and even harder to do, so short was this clip. Another short featured what the average girl wore to the office, and how the lads of the 60’s got any work done at all, is beyond me. Interviews with John Stephen, Tommy Nutter and Laura Ashley (I know, I know, but the programme covered more than just the 60s) and ended with a long feature on Zandra Rhodes.

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Baracuta Cord G9 Harrington jacket

by Modculture 22 October, 2006

There seems to be something of a split over these Baracuta Cord G9 Harrington jackets – you either love them or hate them!

Essentially these are still classic G9 Harringtons – however, rather than the traditional lightweight jacket, these are a needle cord, which is obviously a little heavier – but probably more suited to winter. Available in either brown or burgundy, they’re the usual two pocket jackets with fully vented back, ribbed cuffs and hem, tartan liner and one internal pocket. There’s also a two way zip with two-button fastening collar and button fastening flapped hand pockets.

Available now, they’re retailing at around £145.

Find out more and see more images at Oi Polloi