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Dr Martens suede monkey boots

by Modculture 30 July, 2009

Interesting 'new' shoe from Dr Martens – these suede monkey boots.

As you might have worked out, this is an update to the classic late 60s monkey boots that the 'Doc' once knocked out, this time with a more premium suede finish and contrast detailing, along with (of course) an air-cushioned sole.

Various colour options available, all selling for £80 a pair.

Find out more at the Hip website

I'm One by Horst Friedrichs reviewed

by Modculture 30 July, 2009

It's been talked about for some time and we were under the impression that it wasn't out until the end of August – but according to Amazon, I'm One by Horst Friedrichs is actually released on 1st August 2009, so it's just as well that we have got out review online in double quick time.

The Scenester has got his hands on one of the first copies off the press (ahead of release thankfully) and has been through it with typical attention to detail, detailing his thoughts in our books section. Check it out via the link.

And don't forget, we're still running a competition to win the book, you can enter right here.

I'm One book review at Modculture

Beat Club now online

by Modculture 30 July, 2009

Admittedly a lot of the highlights are to be found on YouTube, but if you want to dig a bit deeper into the Beat Club archives, much of the vintage music show's performances are now online.

Beat Club was a German TV show from the 60s and 70s, featuring live appearances from a range of bands, including many who wouldn't have got a look in back in the UK. Check out The Creation below for just one example or check out the YouTube-like video site for the programme right here.

Fred Perry Specials shirts go on sale

by Modculture 29 July, 2009

Don't think we've mentioned this previously, but if you missed out in our competition, you might be interested to know that the 30th anniversary Specials range of Fred Perry polo shirts and shirt are now available to buy online.

As you probably recall, the theme is 'black and white unite', with the polo shirts and long-sleeved shirt all featuring a monochrome colour scheme, along with a unique twin coloured laurel with chequer detailing. You can see one of the tops above, the other two over the page.

If you want one, check out the Fred Perry site – prices start at £60.

Fred Perry / The Specials website

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Modculture 10th anniversary event

by Modculture 29 July, 2009

There's nothing quite like planning ahead – and with Modculture celebrating 10 years of wasting everyone's working days and as a side issue, keeping the world updating to what's going on in the world of mod, it might be time to plan something to celebrate/commiserate this fact. Yes, 10 years – doesn't time fly? That image above is the site from 2000, you might recall.

Although we've got a few ideas floating around, the one overriding suggestion right now is to put on some kind of event, probably in the first quarter of 2010. Probably in Manchester and likely to be some kind of allnighter with a welcoming door policy and perhaps a daytime event on the Saturday or Sunday as a social/meet-up for anyone travelling.

So we're looking for your feedback. Would you be interested in such an event? Would you come along? And if you did, is there anything you would like to be part of it? You can have your say on the forums, drop us a line via the 'contact us' button or add a comment below. We'll take the feedback on-board, then work out if a strictly one-off event is viable and what it would consist of.

Wind of Change (1961) reviewed

by Modculture 29 July, 2009

We flagged this up a few weeks back, but we've just got hold of a copy of Wind of Change on DVD – and we have reviewed it over at Cinedelica.

If you missed it earlier, Wind of Change centres on the Notting Hill area of London at the turn of the 60s – a teen gang led by Frank (Johnny Briggs) blames the black immigrant population for their lack of work. That resentment leads to an attack on one black boy in a dark alley, which kills him and injures his girlfriend, who turns out to be Frank's sister. Will Frank's family support him? Or turn him into the law.

Coupled with another movie (The Traitors, a spy flick from '62), it's available from Odeon from August 2009. But before you get your order in, check out our review.

Wind of Change reviewed at Cinedelica

Mod Cloth Crème Caramel Coat

by Modculture 29 July, 2009

White coats can be tricky territory, whatever the look you're trying to achieve, but when done right they're an absolute winner for mod inspired sixties dress. This Crème Caramel Coat from Mod Cloth.

With cute accents provided by the mustard double breasted buttons, this coat's inspired touch is in the slightly off-white shade. Giving a vintage look that eschews the tacky edge of pristine white, all the hallmarks of a classic coat are covered with the shape and composition.

Get it online from Mod Cloth $72.99.

Find out more from the website

Via Retro To Go

It's Your Thing! in London

by Modculture 28 July, 2009

Certainly not a mod night, but if you like your soul from the sixties onwards, you might like It's Your Thing!

Playing just about everything across the vintage soul, funk and reggae spectrum, DJs Junior Kickstart (Hipshaker, Bert's), Rowly, Jeff The Fish will be keeping your feet busy from 10.30pm to 4am on Friday 31st July at Charlie Wrights International, 45 Pitfield Street, Hoxton, London N1 6DA.

Admission is £8, check out the MySpace page for more detail.

It's Your Thing at MySpace

New band: The Pale Blue Eyes

by Modculture 28 July, 2009

If your musical tastes hover around the latter end of the 1960s, you just might like what you hear from The Pale Blue Eyes.

Presumably named after the 1969 Velvet Underground track, the Aylesbury-based, five-piece band has a sound that's not a million miles from that year, noisy psych-styled guitar rock that just might have gone down a storm at the UFO club.

You can check it out for yourself on their MySpace page and if you like what you hear, their debut album is available for download on both Amazon and iTunes. Oh yes – the band are on the look out for gigs too, so if you want them on your bill, give them a shout via MySpace.

The Pale Blue Eyes on MySpace

1960s-style Hotel Sax in Prague

by Modculture 28 July, 2009

It might look like a fairly classic (and unassuming) update of a 14th century building from the outside, but once inside, you can lose yourself in the space age world of the 1960s-inspired Hotel Sax vintage design hotel in Prague.

Not just the lobby, every room in the hotel has an original appearance that uses predominantly 60s design, with a bit of 50s and 70s also thrown in for good measure. Or if you really want to go upmarket, check into the design suite, which offers both a bedroom and living room overlooking the old town, plenty of space for up to four people and of course, as much vintage design as your eyes can take in.

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