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Mikkel Rude shirts at Oi Polloi

by Modculture 30 October, 2009

We featured Mikkel Rude shirts some weeks back and having been hands-on with one, I can say they're really sharp, a nice slim-fit, lots of vintage-style detailing and packaging on a par with anything out there. There were some initial problems with ordering direct, so if you've not been able to order one yourself, you can now get one at Manchester's Oi Polloi.

The Manchester city centre retailer is offering six of the short-sleeved shirts, including gingham checks and some larger window pane checks, all with an extended button down collar, vented sleeves, double button detail and left chest pocket.

£65 secures you one either in the store or online.

Find out more at the Oi Polloi website

GoGo Gear – scooterwear for women

by Modculture 30 October, 2009

An interesting range of clothing that could be available to buy early in 2010 – GoGo Gear by Scooter Girls.

It's described as a 'fashion-forward, highly-styled line of protective gear and outerwear for female scooter and motorcycle riders', which, on the face of it, looks like having a distinctly retro/60s twist. On the face of it, the range just looks like fashion, but all the garments have abrasion-resistant fabric linings, high-quality CE-certified armour for the back, shoulders and elbows, along with integrated reflective details for nighttime visibility. The term 'modish safety gear' is used and probably appropriate.

Check out the gallery of gear on the site right now-  it's currently being shown off to retailers all over the world, so expect it in a store near you fairly soon.

GoGo Gear at Scooter Girls website

Cheers to @davidscouture on Twitter for flagging this up.

Clubs update – get your club listed

by Modculture 30 October, 2009

After much neglect, the Modculture clubs section will be updated properly from next week – starting at year zero.

That means ALL current clubs will be removed and only the ones submitted will be listed. So if you have a club, get it sent to us via the contact us form and we'll add it when the section is updated. Please send all relevant info on the club, including a website, email address or telephone number of the promoter. Also, please let us know when your club finishes or moves – for the sake of the people intending to visit.

Finally – do you want a Euro or worldwide club listing? We would be happy to list regular nights if there is demand. Let us know in the comments box below. Obviously if you have an event planned anywhere in the world, we'll happily list that in the events section.

Submit a club for listing on the website

Magic Bus for free in London

by Modculture 29 October, 2009

Who says you can't get something for nothing? You certainly can if you head to Magic Bus, which takes place on Friday 13th November.

It's at the Green and Red, 51 Bethnal Green Road, opposite Brick Lane (E2), which offers up a sprung wooden dance floor and 100 different tequilas, along with regulars Eddie Piller, Johnny Valatone and Rich Searle (ex Corduroy) plus special guests Ivor Jones and Llyod Attrill – both former residents at the 6Ts 100 club allnighters.

Doors are 8pm till 2am, admission, as we said earlier, is absolutely free.

Acid Jazz website

Mod Top 100 on Spotify

by Modculture 29 October, 2009

Hole In The Wall – George Stone

Yesterday we republished the Mod Top 100 by Randy Cozens and today, we are offering up the tunes. Well, sort of. Continue Reading

Sharp Suits book by Eric Musgrave

by Modculture 29 October, 2009

Looking for some inspiration ahead of your next visit to the tailors? You need Sharp Suits by Eric Musgrave.

Just released this month in hardback, this 200-page hardback book covers the history of the suit from 19th century bespoke to 20th century commercial, with a heavy focus on the 1930s to the 1970s and as you would expect, packed with pictures of sharp suited gents from across the generations.

Maybe one for the Christmas list or an early gift for yourself, you can pick it up heavily discounted at Amazon for £14.99.

Find out more at the Amazon website

Bel & Bel classic Vespa seating

by Modculture 28 October, 2009

If you can't salvage a whole scooter, you might as well recycle what you can – what way better way to do it than by producing something like the Bel & Bel classic Vespa seating.

Old Vespa legshields converted to seating – what's not to like? Judging by the website there's plenty of options to choose from, including colour, scooter style and matching seating. This could be the coolest office chair you'll ever own.

Sadly, we don't know any details of ordering or stockists as the site isn't in English and there don't seem any obvious price details listed. So if you want one, drop them a line – they might be cheaper than you think. See another image over the page.

Find out more at the Bel & Bel website

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The Who heading to Rock Band

by Modculture 28 October, 2009

Got a games console? Then you've probably heard of Rock Band, where you get to play plastic instruments in time to the screen, feeling like a rock god, but looking like a big kid. The Beatles had their own version out last month with authentic Beatles-style instruments and now it looks like The Who will also have a Rock Band.

In a new interview, Roger Daltrey has claimed it would be happening – probably in 2010. Speaking to US entertainment magazine Mass Live the singer said: 'The game, yeah, yeah, they're going to be doing a Who one next year. There is one planned. (The idea) is fabulous. Anything that gets non-musical people interested in music is wonderful. In my opinion, music is our last true great freedom. They can burn our books, they can burn our paintings, but they can't stop us singing and making music.'

Which means we can look forward to trademark Who gear (like the Moon drums above), a smashable Townshend guitar and a Roger Daltrey permed wig. Only time will tell if any of those things become reality.

The Who website (via Clash Music)