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Permissive (1970) DVD reviewed

by Modculture 29 December, 2009

Not exactly 'mod', but sure to be of interest to many is the BFI/Flipside issue of Permissive on both DVD and Blu-ray – and our review is online now ahead of next month's release.

It's a downbeat tale of post-swinging London, with the newly-arrived Suzy hooking up with old schoolfriend Fiona, who just happens to be hooked up to the lead singer of Forever More. Yes, she's a groupie. After a false start, Suzy gets involved in that same world, working her way through the band until she goes for the prize of Lee, Fiona's partner, with tragic consequences.

Music is provided by the two bands featured in the movie (Forever More and Titus Groan), with additional tracks by Comus. The disc also has another counterculture flick as an extra – Stanley Long's Bread, which focuses on a group of hippies trying to set up a festival starring Juicy Lucy (a real band who were originally The Misunderstood). Want to know more? See our review. You can buy it from January 25th 2010.

Permissive (1970) DVD review

Uniqlo does a budget parka

by Modculture 27 December, 2009

Not claiming to be authentic, but coming in at only a fraction of the price of a Pretty Green parka is the newly-launched Uniqlo parka.

Made of a 'light polyester fabric', it's water-repellant and offers up something approaching the shape of a classic military parka, but without the warmth something like that offers.

Just £39.99 in three colour choices – so it's also the coat you wouldn't be heartbroken about losing either.

Find out more at the Uniqlo website

Spotify playlist: Ska & Rocksteady

by Modculture 27 December, 2009

If you fancy dipping your toe into vintage Jamaican sounds, but haven't been sure where to start, might I recommend this Spotify playlist? It goes by the simple, but descriptive name of Ska & Rocksteady.

And that's exactly what you get from Sulli (off the Modculture forums) – classic ska and rocksteady culled (primarily) from the 1960s, the likes of Don Drummond, early Bob Marley, The Maytals, Tommy McCook – you know the kind of thing.

23 tracks lasting around one hour, just crank up your Spotify to hear it.

Hear the Ska & Rocksteady Spotify playlist

Marks & Spencer 60s-style shift dress

by Modculture 27 December, 2009

Sadly not in the Marks & Spencer sale (which kicked off today), this Colour Block knee length shift dress is still very decent value.

Very much treading a mid-60s path, the sleeveless dress has a slash neck, that contrasting colour design, a tailored fit and a touch of stretch, thanks to that polyester-based fabric.

New in at M&S and available online, it sells for £39.50 in sizes 8 to 18.

Find out more at the Marks & Spencer website

Clarks desert boots – 50% reductions

by Modculture 27 December, 2009

It is indeed the season of sales, which includes Clarks – knocking around 50 per cent off much of its Originals desert boot range.

Suede and leather, not to mention some of the limited editions it brought out for its anniversary – all with 50 per cent off. The boot above is the 'Camel Interest' boot, made of a camel brown suede, but styled to look rather like cord.

It's in the sale right now for £34 (from £69). Check these and the others out at the Clarks website

Clarks website

Crombie sale now on – big discounts

by Modculture 27 December, 2009

Fancy an authentic Crombie overcoat? Or maybe something else from the range? Well, you're in luck – the online sale is now on, with big discounts across most products.

That obviously means those classic overcoats, along with shorts, ties, knitwear, accessories and much more. But we've picked out the Military Coat above. It's based on an original 1960s Crombie RAF coat and is made from British wool with a slim-fitting cut and that six-button, double breasted front.

Originally just under £700, it now sells for £395. See this and all the other discounts at the online store.

Crombie sale online

Kitsune classic polo shirts

by Modculture 26 December, 2009

Not an easy brand to find on the high street, Paris-based Kitsune can now be found at End Clothing, which means you can pick up its classic polo shirts online.

The Kitsune range also includes cardigans, classic Oxford button-down and v-neck sweaters, but the polos are the cheapest items in the range, offering up a 'heritage' style shirt, slightly longer four-button collar, hip Kitsune logo embroidered on the chest and a choice of colours (including a contrast black and white version).

Prices are around £99. Yes, being exclusive doesn't come cheap.

Find out more at the End Clothing website

Uniqlo pea coats in sale

by Modculture 26 December, 2009

Still need a winter coat? Well, the sales are on and Uniqlo has cut the price of its wool pea coats by a hefty amount.

Take your pick from classic black, or if you fancy something a little more distinctive, you could always go for the check – in either green (above) or a red.

All have the double breasted front, buttoned cuffs and two large side pockets, each available now for £49.99, marked down from a previous £79.99.

Find out more at the Uniqlo website