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Colourfield albums get CD reissue

by Modculture 26 February, 2010

Ok, I'll say it – for me, the first Colourfield album is the best album Terry Hall has produced in his varied career. Yes, he's all over The Specials now, but Virgins and Philistines is top-notch, 60s-inspired pop that sounds as good today as it ever did. Oh yes, it's being reissued by Cherry Red.

The original album came out on 1984, doing decent business on the back of Thinking Of You (which isn't really representative of the album), but hasn't been around in the UK on CD prior to this release.

It has been available in Japan though, with this release more or less the same, complete with 10 extra rarities to bump things out. Also being reissued is the follow-up, Deception, which I seem to remember was not so good. Anyway, track listings are over the page, with both out on Cherry Red  on 22nd March 2010.

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Ghetto Ska on Kingston Sounds

by Modculture 26 February, 2010

Not actually heard this, but browsing through a music magazine, I noticed Ghetto Ska release on Kingston Sounds (this very week in fact), which might be worth a look a look for fans of vintage Jamaican sounds.

The compilation revolves around Theophilus 'Easy Snapping' Beckford, with the album featuring early cuts by the ska pioneer, either as a session man or producer, including own work like 'Flip, Flop and Fly' (aka Walking Down King Street), 'Mr Downpressor', 'Don't Have a Ticket Don't Worry', 'Grudgeful People', 'Ungrateful People', 'What A Woe' and 'Boilerman', plus Basil Gabiddon's 'Streets of Glory', Frank Cosmo's 'On Your Knees', Shenley and Annette's 'Now Your Gone' and Daniel Johnson's 'Come On My People'.

Play has it for £7.99 on CD or try the label itself directly.

Kingston Sounds website

Club focus: Soundscape – San Francisco

by Modculture 26 February, 2010

Hopefully to show you how far the incoming (improved) club guides will be, here's a night from the US – Soundscape in San Francisco.

CarlosPerez has been kind enough to talk us through his jazz-fuelled night, which takes place on the first Saturday of each month in the city.

Full details of where are in the article, as well as the lowdown on what to expect.

Soundscape in San Francisco feature

Miss Selfridge Dogtooth Shift Dress

by Modculture 26 February, 2010

Among Miss Selfridge's new Spring lines are a number of retro-styled pieces, including this Dogtooth Shift Dress – one of the most faithful sixties reproductions on the high street for many seasons.

The simple shift style uses an A-line cut with a high peter pan collar and sleeveless style, making the shape utterly convincing. Black and white dogtooth print is subtle but on-style, while black accents at faux-pockets and the collar provide some sharp structure that stays subtle.

Get it online now from Miss Selfridge for £40.

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Target rug at Babyface

by Modculture 25 February, 2010

 Target-based designs always seem to go down well – and we suspect this Target rug from Babyface will be no exception.

Babyface is actually a children's retailer, but we're guessing this has more appeal to adults with a leaning towards mod or simply someone who fancies a splash of pop art imagery around the house. According to the site, the rug has a thick pile, is 100 per cent hand-tufted wool and is around 120cm in diameter.

Price isn't too bad either, yours for £70.

Find out more at the Babyface website

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