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Miss Selfridge Petites shift dress

by Modculture 30 November, 2010

A 60s-style number, with enough detailing to make it stand out from the crowd – this Miss Selfridge Petites shift dress.

New in and in what's described as a camel colour. it's got a classic sleeveless shift dress shape, but with the added detailing of that collar with trim, three button neck, thew 'bow' and of course, those two lower pockets.

Available online (and probably inshore), you can pick one up for £40.

Find out more at the Miss Selfridge website

Thanks again to Karen for the tip off.

Hip City Cats NYE in Southend

by Modculture 30 November, 2010

If you happen to be in the Southend area on New Year's Eve, check out Hip City Cats.

DJ Scully will be joined by Dean Chalkley, Si Cheeba, Skinhead John and Chad Fredrick for some vintage R&B, northern soul, boogaloo and ska at the Railway Hotel, Clifftown Road, Southend, running from 11pm until 5am.

No word on cost, so presumably it's free. To find out for sure, email [email protected] for more details.

eBay watch: London Dossier paperback

by Modculture 29 November, 2010

Not really a useful travel guide in 2010, but back in 1967, Len Deighton's London Dossier might just have got you around the world of 'swinging' London.

Deighton was asked to produced a contemporary travel guide for the city and in turn, used writers who were part of the London 'scene' to write it. It's interesting as a reference guide to an era and well worth reading – a record of an era long past…when 22 was 'old' for a mod (claims the book).

The cover is interesting and often the most damaged over the years. This eBay copy has a crease on the classic keyhole design of the cover, but at least it's still in one piece. It hides a picture of Twiggy, you know. £7.99 is the current price of this one, or there's a 'buy it now' of £9.99.

Find out more at the eBay website

BrandAlley – 'mod' labels discounted

by Modculture 29 November, 2010

I know I've just featured a recent addition to the John Smedley range, but I'm going to mention the label again, as part of a wider story about BrandAlley. But if you want to get a bargain, you might have to be quick.

I might be slow on the uptake with this site, but BrandAlley basically does limited time clearance sales on men's and women's brands, plus homeware. Relevant to this site right now is a sale that ends today of John Smedley gear (last 'season' I think, but as it's Smedley, not an issue), plus some Baracuta Harrington jackets and some other gear that might be of interest (Sebago, some designer pork pie hats, Ray-Ban etc). The Harrington pictured above is marked down from £180 to £79 for example, with Smedley knitwear getitng as low as about £40.

Downside? You have to sign up and register, but that's free and you only do it once. Once you're in, click on 'private sales' section of their site to see all ongoing sales, but note that sales start and end all the time.

BrandAlley website

Update: We've just been told of a similar site called Secret Sales, which apparently also has the occasional Smedley clearout. Had a look and not one now, but there's a major Penguin clearout there, if that floats your boat. You'll find that site here.

John Smedley Continent polo shirt

by Modculture 29 November, 2010

If it's cold outside, your mind might be straying towards the world of knitwear. If so, John Smedley has a fine selection as ever, including this John Smedley Continent long-sleeved polo shirt.

A timeless design, the kind of thing that has done well for John Smedley for many years. And if it ain't broke, why fix it? Take your pick from 15 colour options for the merino wool finish, with detail kept to an absolute minimum – that three-button collar is all it needs, not a logo to be seen. Unless you look in the collar.

It retails online for £137.

Find out more at the John Smedley website

Via His Knibs

Madness by Ben Sherman range

by Modculture 29 November, 2010

I'm not featuring these because I like them. Far from it. But if nothing else, the Madness by Ben Sherman range is a talking point.

A rather strange collaboration between a mod-related label (at least, once upon a time) and 'bloke' band Madness, it offers up polo shirts, a Harrington jacket and some 'slogan' t-shirts that are a bit 'Frankie says…'. You'll know what I mean when you see them. I'm guessing it's Ben Sherman's flipside to Fred Perry's Specials gear. Although I can't imagine why you would launch a t-shirt driven range in the middle of winter. Then again, it is nearly Christmas…

Check out the Harrington over the page and the t-shirts on the Hip site. Those t-shirts are £25, the logo-clad polos are £40 and the Harrington, which also features a Madness logo, sells for £75. Are Madness on tour? If so, imagine they'll be selling them there too.

Find out more at the Hip website

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Vintage camera apps for iPhone

by Modculture 25 November, 2010

I wrote an article yesterday about turning your iPhone into a vintage camera, which proved very popular on Retro To Go. As the apps to do it have also been much talked about on the Modculture forums, I thought I would open out the best vintage camera apps for iPhone article over on this site too.

Basically, I've picked out five of the best photography apps out there that replicate vintage / analogue / film cameras of the past – but on your iPhone. Most are free, but even the pay ones aren't much more than £1. Grab one and pretend your snaps were taking down the Scene Club in the early 60s.

Article online now, it you have an iPhone, have a gander.

Vintage camera apps for iPhone article

Ray Davies curates Meltdown 2011

by Modculture 25 November, 2010

Great news about the next Meltdown festival in 2011 at the Southbank Centre – it's curated by Ray Davies.

The news was announced today, with Davies sorting out the line-up for a festival that will take place across the Southbank Centre site and 'reflect the diversity of his career and enduring influence'.

The full line-up isn't going to be announced before early 2011, with the event taking place in June 2011. But I'm willing to stick my neck out and say there's a strong chance of a Kinks reunion during the event. It would be the easy option for a one-off performance. Remember where you heard it first. Talking of hearing first, if you sign up to the mailing list of the event, you'll get prior notice of all bands playing.

Ray Davies at Meltdown 2011

Fred Perry 2011 range preview

by Modculture 24 November, 2010

We've just been sent a batch of images showing off the forthcoming men’s Laurel Wreath collection from Fred Perry for spring and summer 2011. All of which should be in the stores from the early to mid-part of 2011.

Rather than showing just one or two shots and talking about generally, we've created an online gallery featuring a lartge number of the shots in large format, so you can check them out at your leisure. According to the company, the new range mixes a 50s twist with the more typical 60s-style items, including a 50s-style tennis bomber, a madras-style harrington jacket and a reissue of the original Fred Perry 'Empire' shoe.

Check them out at the gallery now. If this kind of in-depth preview proves popular, we'll do more.

Fred Perry spring / summer 2011 gallery

Babbu Mia 60s-style dress

by Modculture 23 November, 2010

Not the cheapest dress on the market, but if you want something that will serve you well during the winter months, this Babbu Mia Peter Pan Collar Dress might prove a shrewd investment.

It's a mid-60s inspired shift dress in heavy cotton, dropping to just above the knee. the standout features are that contrasting pink voile Peter Pan collar, as well as the contrast button front and cuff button detailing.

If you want one, £190 gets you one.

Find out more at the Skirt website

Thanks once again to Karen for the tip off.