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Tidy Little Numbers by Pete McKee

by Modculture 23 November, 2010

Whilst checking out the Pete McKee website, I noticed this interesting open edition print – Tidy Little Numbers.

It's a print taken from the Teenage Kicks selection, featured a 'Bovver' boy (and girl), not to mention an old school Mini. You can have it for your wall for £30.

Incidentally, Pete McKee's Cover version exhibition, which we've featured in the past when it was showing in Sheffield, is heading to London this week, courtesy of The Design Conspiracy. You can find out all about it here.

Pete McKee website

Diamond pattern Tootal scarves

by Modculture 23 November, 2010

I’ve seen, bought (and sold) a good number of Tootal scarves in my time, but these diamond pattern Tootal scarves are new to me.

Presumably from the most recent range, the scarves are the new type of Tootal, which means a much thinner silk for construction (compared to the old cloth scarves), but still with the same tasselled edging.

The black and grey is above, see over the page for a bolder blue version. Both are available online, priced at £29.99.

Find out more at the Stuarts of London website

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Armadillo scooterwear new range

by Modculture 23 November, 2010

We've just been sent this video featuring some of the new Armadillo scooterwear for autumn/winter 2011, which you might want to check out.

It's not everything that's new (just a couple of items in truth) – there's some mod-friendly gear that's not in the video, we'll feature that as soon as we get some decent images of it.

In the meantime, if you have two minutes to spare…


HelmetDress Mod Helmet Cover

by Modculture 23 November, 2010

More money than sense? Got a scooter? You might well be the target audience for the HelmetDress Mod Helmet Cover.

Here's the idea – you have a helmet and HelmetDress has a patented lycra and polyester cover for it. You see if fits all helmets. So if ours is a plain colour and you want to brighten it up, you can do that. Why you would want to is a different matter.

Anyway, in the current range is this Mod Helmet Cover, packed full of targets and a tribute to both the Vespa and Mods, says the maker. it costs £24.50 online and yes, there are other designs, should you get bored of this one. None that scream 'buy me' though.

Find out more at the Culture Label website

Fuzzz! – new Birmingham club night

by Modculture 22 November, 2010

A new 'across the board' 60s-inspired club night is starting up in Birmingham, going by the name of Fuzzz! The launch night is in The Library straight after Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, which is at HMV Institute, 78 Digbeth High St, Birmingham, B6 5DY.

Room 1 is garage punk classics, Euro freakbeat, psych, pop, hammond, fuzz and British beat with DJs Ben Drummond (Comic Strip), Richard Bamber (Chicks Dig Jerks) & Joel Webster (Sunflower). Room 2 features Adam Adam (Alamo), spinning northern soul, blues and R&B floorfillers.

Opening night date is Friday 17th December, running from 10.30pm – 3am, admission is £3 with flyer/NUS,  £5 everyone else. Drinks promotions too, if that's important to you.

HMV Institute website