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Pushin' and Shovin' book reviewed

by Modculture 30 June, 2011

Some of you might recall Don Hughes' first book from last year, called Friday On My Mind. It was well received both here and generally. Enough for Don to produce a second instalment, going by the name of Pushin' and Shovin'.

Paul 'Smiler' Anderson has done an in-depth review of the book, which you can now read online. It takes up the story from the late 60s, crossing youth cults that followed, but always with one eye on 'mod' and Don's ongoing interest in it.

Check out the review if you have a few minutes spare. The book is for sale on eBay and I have added a link at the end of the article to the seller's page. Unfortunately, only one copy os listed right now, so either keep an eye on that page or contact him via that page to chase up additional copies. It sells for £13.99.

Pushin' and Shovin' book review at Modculture

New Brutus Trimfit shirts

by Modculture 30 June, 2011

If your shirts need a refresh, there are four new Brutus Trimfit shirts available from today.

Two long-sleeved, two short-sleeved, with all the vintage details you would expect – button-down collar, generous collar roll, box pleat and a slim fit. The short sleeves are pictured above, a heritage black and blue tartan along with a large gingham in red, while the long sleeves are pictured over the page, in a choice of black or white.

Pricing? You can grab the short sleeves for £50 each or the long-sleeved shorts for £55 each.

Find out more at the Brutus Trimfit website

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Fred Perry sale – 50 per cent off

by Modculture 30 June, 2011

Get in early if you want something – because all the best stuff in the Fred Perry sale is always snapped up early doors.

The sale has just started, with the usual mix of men's and women's clobber, as well as the standard and collaboration range. In fact, the sought-after cycling tops (including the one above) are even in there. Pretty much the entire range then.

With the cycling tops, they're going for half price at £37.50, with similar discounts on most items.

Fred Perry online sale

Manchester Mod Weekender 2011

by Modculture 28 June, 2011

While a succession of promoters in the city have proclaimed themselves 'saviours of mod' over the past decade, the Hideaway lads have been out there doing it without shouting about it. Indeed, their forthcoming Manchester Mod Weekender is the 12th such event in the city.

29th and 30th July are the dates, the venue being the Deansgate in the city centre. If you want the full details, check out the listing on the main site now.

Manchester Mod Weekender 2011 at Modculture

Paisley shirts at Pop Boutique

by Modculture 28 June, 2011

Get regular emails into the inbox asking where you can buy a paisley shirt – usually greeted with an 'I don't know' reply. Well, now I do know – you can get these paisley shirts at Pop Boutique.

They're cheap. Worryingly cheap. Which you can take as either a warning to get hands-on at one of their stores before you buy or as a risk worth taking. Your call. There seems to be three colour options, with all the shirts having a fairly high collar and what looks like a fairly slim fit. Sizing details are on the site though.

That price? £20 each.

Find out more at the Pop Boutique website

eBay watch: 1960s mod magazines

by Modculture 27 June, 2011

Just noticed these two magazines on eBay, The Mod's Monthly and The Mod.

Both date from 1964 and…well, that's the only details the seller offers up. But have been overseen by Vicki Wickham (who also produced the Ready Steady Go TV series), so you can imagine how these were pitched back in the day.

Rare finds though – and certainly of interest for the fashion content I imagine. Both are at £9 each right now. Other pictured over the page.

The Mod's Monthly on eBay

The Mod on eBay

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Trojan Records scooter helmets

by Modculture 27 June, 2011

Some of you might remember that we featured some limited edition Lambretta helmets back in April. Well, it seems that the same company has some new helmets coming next month – these Trojan Records scooter helmets.

It's another limited edition and more or less the same as the previous helmets, but for the new design. From August, you can choose from either of the two designs above, both open-faced, both eco leather-lined and with a 30-month manufacturer’s warranty, as well as meeting European Road Safety Standards.

£170 gets you one.

Heritage Helmets website

Mad Men official clothing collection

by Modculture 25 June, 2011

You might like the TV show, but would you buy the clothing? Banana Republic hopes so, as it has got the rights to produce the official Mad Men capsule collection later this summer.

The new line will launch in the US in late summer, presumably hitting the European version of the store not long after. It's been designed by Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant too, so not just some branding exercise. Although looking at the items on offer, it's a pretty 'safe' and distinctly American take on an early 1960s look, as you might expect.

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Don't Drop Out! in London

by Modculture 25 June, 2011

After a successful opening night, Don't Drop Out! is back in London on 2nd July 2011.

From 8pm until 1am (or beyond…) you'll hear northern soul, Motown and 6Ts rhythm & soul, with a mixture of both classics and lesser well knowns, all on 45rpm vinyl. The venue apparently has wooden floors throughout for the dancers, and it's free entry if money is tight.

Find it at The Bell on Middlesex Street, within a five minute walk from Aldgate or less than ten minutes from Liverpool Street station.

More at the website

Lambretta LN scooter gets UK price

by Modculture 25 June, 2011

We featured it at the back end of 2011, with the reception being 'mixed' (which is probably a generous assessment) Anyway, it now looks like the Lambretta LN scooter is ready for the UK, along with another Lambretta LS model.

Anyway, first up, that LN scooter. It looks to have landed at selected dealers ahead of the full launch. One of those being WK Bikes, which will has the LN 125 on display right now in its premises. There's also an LN 150 variation to follow later in the year. Both are 'twist and go' automatic scooters, mixing that with old school looks reminiscent of the original using plastic and metal. It's certainly going to have its fans…but that's unlikely to include traditionalists.

We originally said it was 'made in Italy by Motom Electronics Group SPA', but that's not actually the case. Some of the parts are Italian-made, but it is actually made and imported from Taiwan. That doesn't impact on cost though, with a hefty £3,300 being quoted for the LN 125. Ouch. Also, look out for a twin-seated LS scooter too – that's pictured over the page and will come in 50cc and 125cc models. It's likely to be cheaper, but not by much, we'd wager.

Lambretta website

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