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Don't Drop Out! in London

by Modculture 25 June, 2011

After a successful opening night, Don't Drop Out! is back in London on 2nd July 2011.

From 8pm until 1am (or beyond…) you'll hear northern soul, Motown and 6Ts rhythm & soul, with a mixture of both classics and lesser well knowns, all on 45rpm vinyl. The venue apparently has wooden floors throughout for the dancers, and it's free entry if money is tight.

Find it at The Bell on Middlesex Street, within a five minute walk from Aldgate or less than ten minutes from Liverpool Street station.

More at the website

Lambretta LN scooter gets UK price

by Modculture 25 June, 2011

We featured it at the back end of 2011, with the reception being 'mixed' (which is probably a generous assessment) Anyway, it now looks like the Lambretta LN scooter is ready for the UK, along with another Lambretta LS model.

Anyway, first up, that LN scooter. It looks to have landed at selected dealers ahead of the full launch. One of those being WK Bikes, which will has the LN 125 on display right now in its premises. There's also an LN 150 variation to follow later in the year. Both are 'twist and go' automatic scooters, mixing that with old school looks reminiscent of the original using plastic and metal. It's certainly going to have its fans…but that's unlikely to include traditionalists.

We originally said it was 'made in Italy by Motom Electronics Group SPA', but that's not actually the case. Some of the parts are Italian-made, but it is actually made and imported from Taiwan. That doesn't impact on cost though, with a hefty £3,300 being quoted for the LN 125. Ouch. Also, look out for a twin-seated LS scooter too – that's pictured over the page and will come in 50cc and 125cc models. It's likely to be cheaper, but not by much, we'd wager.

Lambretta website

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Run For Cover event in Salford

by Modculture 25 June, 2011

Not a traditional mod event, but Run For Cover in Salford will almost certainly appeal to a good number of folk with mod leanings.

It's a band and DJs night, intended to be a showcase for live 60s and psych-influenced acts doing the rounds. Of which there are many right now. The launch night, which takes place at The Kings Arms, Bloom Street in Salford (not far out of Manchester centre) is called A Psychotic Reaction and runs from 3am to midnight, the bands on from 5pm on Saturday 17th September.

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Eddie Piller at The Goodfoot

by Modculture 17 June, 2011

If you're out and about in London on Friday 1st July, might be worth checking out The Goodfoot, which you'll find at Madame JoJo's, 8-10 Brewer St, Soho, London.

Eddie Piller is guest DJ, working alongside resident DJ Snowboy for 60s Funk, Northern Soul, Boogaloo and Mod Jazz, through the hours 10pm until 3am.

£8 gets you in.

Madame JoJo's website

Bronco Bullfrog in Birmingham

by Modculture 17 June, 2011

Don't try saying it after a few drinks, but if you are in the area, you can catch Bronco Bullfrog in Birmingham on the big screen.

It's part of a double bill of Barney Platts-Mills movies being shown by the Birmingham International Film Society (BIFS). The other is Private Road, which you can find out about here. Also, if Bronco Bullfrog has passed you by, there's a review of that here.

The screening is at the Library Theatre, which is in Birmingham city centre, round the corner from the Central Library and Paradise Forum, taking place on Wednesday 29th June from 6:15. Also on hand will be Bronco cast member Roy Haywood, discussing the movie. Tickets are £3.50 waged, £2.50 concessions.

Find out more at the BIFS website

A Clockwork Orange at Brunel

by Modculture 17 June, 2011

The original Anthony Burgess novel was said to have been influenced by the conflict between mods and rockers (although for me, it seems a little early to have done so), while the movie of A Clockwork Orange took that shock value to another level on its release. 40 years on, it still has impact.

The Scenester went along to a recent screening, organised by the See Film Differently people, who screen cult movies in their original surroundings. This one was screened at Brunel University, home to many of the movie's key locations.

Check out his review of the movie and the event around it online now. Probably worth bookmarking that movie site too, some interesting screenings do take place all over the UK, often with free tickets.

A Clockwork Orange at Brunel reviewed

Vespa coffee table by Neil Cox

by Modculture 17 June, 2011

What do you do with the body of a rusty early '60s Vespa? Well, you can do it up or you can do what designer Neil Cox did and turn it into a Vespa coffee table.

Apparently some kind of recycling exercise, the body was sandblasted and then coated with 'black Plasti-Dip'. The finishing touch, of course, is the glass surface.

Is it for sale? Not obviously, but if you like the idea of it you can always contact the designer via the site.

Find out more at the Coroflot website

Thanks to Karen for the tip off as ever!

The Prisoner limited edition poster sets

by Modculture 16 June, 2011

We have featured both Piper Gates Design and its artwork for The Prisoner some time back, but for real value, this set of eight posters featuring The Prisoner is well worth a look. Especially as it's also a limited edition

As you can (or might remember), the artwork is a mix of The Prisoner and vintage Penguin books, combining to create something eye-catching and retro. This particular set features eight designs on posters measuring 30 x 40cm, printed on high quality 200 gram paper and in a limited run of just 50 sets.

You can buy a set online via eBay for the affordable price of just £12.99. See some close-ups over the page.

Find out more at the Piper Gates Design eBay website

Via Retro To Go

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