1960s French seaside villa for sale

by Modculture 13 January, 2010


  Fancy playing the James Bond villain for the rest of your life? Well, as long as you've accrued plenty of cash in the early part of that life, you can pick up this 1960s-designed modernist villa in the south of France.

Designed in 1961 by Claude Parent, one of France’s most revered modernist architects, it mixes raw concrete and glass walls for the structure, throwing in some stunning views of the French Riviera from its location at the summit of Cap d’Antibes. What more could you ask for?


When you tire of those panoramic views of both the Bay of Antibes and Golfe-Juan, there's plenty of living space over its four floors, including four bedrooms and terraces for each level.


The property was listed in France in 1989, which gives you an idea if its originality. We suspect that also means a hefty asking price as well. The seller has it down as 'POA' which probably means only those with a big bank account need view.

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