Adidas Originals by Originals Mod Parka

by Modculture 7 October, 2009


Here's something to get you talking, shouting or just plain confused – the Adidas Originals by Originals Mod Parka.

No, this Kazuki Kuraishi design doesn't look obviously like a traditional parka, according to the blurb, this 'fishtail parka' has a 'mod-inspired silhouette' but is made of a Diaplex waterproof material, with peaked hood, zip closure pockets, toggle adjusters and inner pockets. There's also a print inside featuring both the Adidas logo and a Kazuki 'Bat' print.

Available in black and green and in very limited numbers, it sells for a jaw-dropping £329.

Find out more at the End Clothing website

  • TwistedWords

    Looks like a posh chavs coat.

  • Ian Rosario

    a strangly designed chavs coat!

  • Mark Mywurdz

    Might as well buy an original M48 for that price !!! Looks much better too

  • Janice Daly Wright

    Can anyone help me with finding a ladies original fishtail mod parka with fur hood. Nice fur not synthetic. I am a size 12 approx.
    I got one from fishtail parkas however it was gigantic and had to go back.