Aertex 60s-style knitwear

by Modculture 15 March, 2009


A couple of weeks back, we featured the Aertex range of casual tops. If those were a little too 'warm weather' for you, there's also the Aertex 60s-style knitwear.

Check out the full range online, but we've picked out two examples above. First up, the Jason is a 60s-style cardigan with contrast tipping, breast pocket and full zip, almost like a very old school track top. You can pick it up in navy or white for £47.50.

To the right is the Kevan, which is not unlike a vintage Gabicci, with that large collar, suede detailing for collar and pocket plus full zip, That one is in black or stone, selling for £60.

Find out more at the Aertex website