Bape unveils Mods collection

by Modculture 21 January, 2010


Ok, tin hat firmly in place, I think I can now safely unveil what's certain to cause some kind of reaction in you – the Mods collection from Bape (aka Bathing Ape).

Yes, this is Mod in its eye – a parka-like coat, some hats and plenty of Union Jack designs on t-shirts and sweatshirts. If you hadn't guessed, this isn't out of Europe, nor is it out of the US – yes, it's from Japan, where the collection is due to go on sale on 23rd January.

The rest of us? Well, we'll probably not see it – which might not be a bad thing. or you can always try the online store if your Japanese is up to it.

Bape online store

Via High Snobiety

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