BFI's 60s French cinema season

by Modculture 2 April, 2008


This month, the BFI Southbank will be hosting a season of films relating to the spirit of revolution in the era called “Pop Goes the Revolution: French Cinema and May ’68”.

Curated by Bob Stanley, the season shows how the enfranchisement of youth in the mid-60s was turning the world on its head. As you might expect, there are films here by Jean Luc Godard (“Masculin Féminin”, “Alphaville” and “Weekend”), Francois Truffaut (The Bride Wore Black”) and a double-bill starring Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.

Perhaps the highlight of the season is the chance to see William Klein’s op-art satire on the fashion world “Who are You, Polly Magoo?” which is showing on 26th and 29th April.

For full listings, visit the BFI website.

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