BFI's New York Freak Out

by Modculture 5 January, 2009


A bit late in the day, but if you’re at a loose end in London on Thursday (8th January) and you like a  bit of 60s beat and psych, you might want to check out The Flipside Presents… New York Freak Out!

Two rare films are on the bill, headed up by Chappaqua from 1966, the tale of a  troubled young man who leaves New York to seek drug detox in a sanatorium in France. On the way he licks up LSD from the carpet at a Fugs gig, scopes Moondog on the sidewalk and encounters Allen Ginsberg chanting in Central Park, before ‘Opium Jones’ – William Burroughs in top hat and tailcoat – offers sage advice. Ravi Shankar soundtrack too.

And as support, there’s a showing of The Fugs, with the band shown on the streets of NY, and live on stage, upsetting the bow-tied regulars at the upmarket Waldorf Astoria.

Both movies are showing at the small NFT3, with tickets selling fast – so if you’re up for it, book now. Tickets are priced around £8.60.

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