Brooks Brothers expands in UK

by Modculture 11 September, 2006

Interesting article in this week’s Sunday Times concerning Brooks Brothers’ onslaught on the UK market in the next year, starting with the flagship store opening in London this week.

The Ivy League store is to follow the London branch with "large branches" in Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds and Cardiff, with smaller "boutique" stores in Cambridge, Oxford, Kingston, Guildford, Plymouth, Southampton and at Heathrow.

A quick glance at the website does throw up some nice classic pieces, but it would be interesting to hear from someone who has stuck their head in the new London store (not the small city of London store) for an idea of the stock carried. Or indeed if you’ve recently been into any Brooks’ store – which the article claims has shifted back to its classic roots, with a change of 95% of its supply base to take the store nearer to what it once stood for.

Check out the Brooks Brothers website

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