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In The Crowd: An evening with Rick Buckler in London

by Modculture 30 January, 2015

We flagged up the upcoming Rick Buckler – Autobiography a few weeks back, which is landing on 11th May 2015. But if you want to meet the man himself on that day, you can do that too. Continue Reading

Coming in 2015: Rick Buckler – Autobiography on Omnibus Press

by Modculture 19 December, 2014

According to the the pre-publicity, Rick Buckler – Autobiography on Omnibus Press is the first from a member of The Jam. Although I’m pretty sure he and Bruce Foxton did a book together some years back! Continue Reading

Heavy Soul modzine returns with issue 26

by Modculture 12 December, 2014

The last issue of Heavy Soul of 2014 is out now, which happens to be issue 26. Continue Reading

Blue Note: Uncompromising Expression: The Finest in Jazz Since 1939 by Richard Havers

by Modculture 2 December, 2014

If you are looking for something cool for the coffee table, not to mention an interesting read, check out Blue Note: Uncompromising Expression: The Finest in Jazz Since 1939 by Richard Havers. Continue Reading

Mod by Richard Weight gets a makeover for paperback release

by Modculture 30 November, 2014

The hardback came out last year, but it looked nothing like Mod by Richard Weight in paperback. Continue Reading

Modernist Revival book returns in a second limited edition

by Modculture 21 November, 2014

We did feature this some weeks back and not long after, it sold out in ‘record time’ for the publisher. But worry not, as the Modernist Revival book has returned, alongside an exhibition and limited edition prints. Continue Reading

1960s cult classic novel Adrift In Soho to be turned into a movie

by Modculture 20 October, 2014

Have you read the book Adrift In Soho? You really should, especially if you are a fan of Absolute Beginners, as it carries a very similar vibe (and covers a similar time period. If not, there’s a film on the way. Continue Reading

Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller: Photographs by Lawrence Watson

by Modculture 10 October, 2014

Thanks to long-time friend of the site Phil Tarry for spotting Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller: Photographs by Lawrence Watson, which is out in January 2015 via Genesis Publications. Continue Reading

Issue 25 of Heavy Soul mod fanzine now available

by Modculture 10 October, 2014

Yes, they have got to issue 25 – and Heavy Soul is still worth picking up. Continue Reading

Sawdust Caesars by Tony Beesley (Days Like Tomorrow)

by Modculture 20 September, 2014

Well  it seems Mod books are like buses…you wait for one to come along and then two come at once. Hot on the heels of my own tome about the 1960s Mods comes Tony Beesley’s Sawdust Caesars. Continue Reading