Weekend Dancer by Talcott Levy (Old Dog Books)

by Modculture 15 May, 2017

Another week, another piece of mod fiction. Weekend Dancer by Talcott Levy is certainly part of a rapidly growing industry. Continue Reading

Updated: Paul Anderson’s upcoming Mod Art book now on pre-order

by Modculture 14 November, 2016

It isn’t out yet, but Mod Art by Paul Anderson is already on pre-order at Amazon. Continue Reading

Getting Grand – Memories of a Smalltown Mod by Tobias Dahmen now available in book form

by Modculture 15 September, 2015

We first mentioned this way back in 2012, bit things have moved on for Getting Grand – Memories of a Smalltown Mod. It is now available in book form. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Odds & Sods – Photographs of Paul Hallam (See-W publishing)

by Modculture 26 August, 2015

If you caught a glimpse of the photos in the mods episode of Street, Sound & Style on Channel 4, then you might be interested to get an even closer look courtesy of Odds & Sods – Photographs of Paul Hallam. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Mods – The New Religion! book by Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson

by Modculture 8 April, 2014

We have been looking forward to the arrival of Mods – The New Religion! by Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson, as there’s every chance that it could be the definitive book on the 1960s mod scene. However, we have some good news and bad news. Continue Reading

Out now: The Who Before The Who by Doug Sandom (updated)

by Modculture 1 March, 2014

He was the band’s original drummer and now he’s written a book about it. In fact, you can get The Who Before The Who by Doug Sandom right now. Continue Reading

New book: Quadrophenia by Stephen Glynn

by Modculture 20 February, 2014

We have a copy heading our way for review, but in the meantime, we thought we would flag up Quadrophenia by Stephen Glynn in case you want to get your hands on a copy regardless. Continue Reading

Mod Couples photographic project by Carlotta Cardana

by Modculture 11 May, 2013

I saw this mentioned on The Guardian site, but thought the Mod Couples photographic project by Carlotta Cardana should really get a plug on here, Not least, because it is an ongoing project that you can be part of. Continue Reading

Discussion: What are you reading?

by Modculture 18 April, 2012

Another popular topic in the old forums was about the printed word, specifically what are you reading? So it’s another discussion thread that is coming back. Continue Reading

Digital mod: Five mod-related books for the Amazon Kindle

by Modculture 13 March, 2012

Got an Amazon Kindle? You probably want some books for it. Here are five mod-related ones to get you started. Continue Reading