Mod has a rich heritage, a good amount of which you’ll find in this section. Whether it’s from the early 1960s or the mod revival era and into the 1980s, we’ll be looking to feature it. If you have anything relevant or want our story told, do get in touch with us.

1960s Mods and Rockers ballet online at the BFI

by Modculture 30 September, 2019


Now, this is an odd one. Credit to Mark (aka MonkeyPicks) for spotting this 1960s Mods and Rockers ballet online at the BFI. Continue Reading

Mod Then and Now by Rob Parker

by Modculture 19 September, 2019

Is it easier to find the trappings of a Mod lifestyle today than in the 60s? Rob Parker finds out. Continue Reading

Mods: Shaping a Generation book and exhibition in Leicester

by Modculture 16 May, 2019

A new exhibition about the Mods has opened at Leicester’s New Walk Museum and Art Gallery – Mods: Shaping a Generation. Continue Reading

Interview: Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland talk Modzines

by Modculture 30 January, 2019

With the book about to hit the shelves, I caught up with Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland to talk Modzines, the revival years and future projects. Continue Reading

Coming to DVD: John Simons – A Modernist

by Modculture 5 January, 2018

Now this should be a treat. John Simons – A Modernist is both a documentary and an upcoming DVD release. Continue Reading