Mod has a rich heritage, a good amount of which you’ll find in this section. Whether it’s from the early 1960s or the mod revival era and into the 1980s, we’ll be looking to feature it. If you have anything relevant or want our story told, do get in touch with us.

Fred Perry Presents Subculture: This Is The Modern World

by Modculture 29 May, 2012

I know the channel has been making and researching the shows for a while, but the Fred Perry Presents Subculture series finally starts this week. Continue Reading

1965: Cheltenham mods and rockers TV footage

by Modculture 23 April, 2012

Can’t embed it into the site sadly, but follow the link to see an interesting little news clip featuring Cheltenham mods and rockers in 1965. Continue Reading

eBay watch: 1979 Observer ‘mods’ issue

by Modculture 9 February, 2012

Just noticed this on eBay – an issue of The Observer magazine from 1979, with a feature on the mod revival of the day.

Continue Reading

Feature: Mod 1979 by Neale Hobday

by Modculture 19 October, 2011

Neale Hobday looks back at his formative years as a mod in Essex. Continue Reading

Feature: Saturday Night by John Waters

by Modculture 19 October, 2011

Suited and booted and ready for action, John Waters takes us on a night out in 1960s London. Continue Reading

Feature: Sinking back into the past

by Modculture 19 October, 2011

Stan Evans looks back at Liverpool’s mod and soul clubs of the 60s – in particular The Sink, now back at its original Liverpool home. Continue Reading

Feature: Destination Manchester

by Modculture 19 October, 2011

Neil Henderson looks back to the day in 1964, when some of the biggest names in blues played a disused railway station in Manchester in front of a local TV film crew. Continue Reading

Feature: Mod: Then and Now

by Modculture 12 October, 2011

Is it easier to find the trappings of a Mod lifestyle today than in the 60s? Rob Parker finds out. Continue Reading

Feature: Technicolor Dream – sixties fashion and graphics at the V&A

by Modculture 12 October, 2011

Liz Powner checks out the Swinging London and Sixties Graphics exhibitions at the V&A. You can also browse some photos taken by Liz by here. Continue Reading

Eddie Piller talks Pete Meaden and Quadrophenia

by Modculture 12 October, 2011

Eddie Piller looks at Pete Meaden and the Quadrophenia movie, as well as their continuing impact in the modern era. Continue Reading