Mod has a rich heritage, a good amount of which you’ll find in this section. Whether it’s from the early 1960s or the mod revival era and into the 1980s, we’ll be looking to feature it. If you have anything relevant or want our story told, do get in touch with us.

eBay watch: Collection of original 1960s Mods Monthly magazines

by Modculture 5 August, 2014

Not one random copy of Mods Monthly, it seems that someone is selling a batch of these things on eBay right now. Continue Reading

Now on YouTube: Timeshift – Mods, Rockers and Bank Holiday Mayhem

by Modculture 9 June, 2014

It didn’t last long on the BBC’s iPlayer catch-up service and if you lived outside the UK, you probably couldn’t see it at all. But thanks to YouTube, everyone can watch Timeshift – Mods, Rockers and Bank Holiday Mayhem either for the first time or again and again. Continue Reading

The Guardian reprints Changing Shirts article from 1964

by Modculture 28 April, 2014

Big thanks to Gordon Doherty for flagging up this interesting reprint from the Guardian, dating from 1964. Continue Reading

eBay watch: Mod’s Monthly issue two from 1964

by Modculture 22 March, 2014

Never actually seen one of these Mod’s Monthly magazines, although we did spot issue one listed on eBay some time back. Now there’s a Mod’s Monthly issue two from 1964 – and with some inside shots too. Continue Reading

eBay watch: True Detective – Mods and Rockers issue

by Modculture 11 March, 2014

Here’s something of an oddity from the 1960s, a True Detective Mods and Rockers issue. Continue Reading