Mod has a rich heritage, a good amount of which you’ll find in this section. Whether it’s from the early 1960s or the mod revival era and into the 1980s, we’ll be looking to feature it. If you have anything relevant or want our story told, do get in touch with us.

Hard Mods by John Waters

by Modculture 6 September, 2011

Most people’s views of 60s mods are of effeminate West End dandies. Original 60s mod John Waters gives us the lowdown on a less familiar side of the Mod coin. Continue Reading

Scotland on Sunday mods feature

by Modculture 9 May, 2011

Yes, another feature on mods – this time in Scotland on Sunday.

It's quite an extensive feature (but sadly without the images), which is centred around the recent Ayr mod rally, the Scottish mod scene and the folk behind the Friday Street club.

Check it out on the newspaper's site.

Scotland on Sunday mods feature

Mods feature in Le Figaro

by Modculture 9 May, 2011

Just flagged up on the forums, French publication Le Figaro has an extensive feature on British subcultures, headed up by a piece of the mod scene.

There's nothing new there, the usual 'we want to be different' stuff and a brief summary of mod. But it's well worth a read. The link is translated from French.

Le Figaro feature on British subcultures

1960s Chelsea Facebook group

by Modculture 6 May, 2011

I spotted this over on Paul Gorman's The Look blog, the Facebook group Epicentre of creativity World's End chelsea SW10 in the 1960s that is.

It is what it says, a focal point for 1960s 'dandy' photos from around the King's Road in the 1960s. The kind of thing you might have seen recently in the V&A's The Day of the Peacock book. Pictured in the image above (to the left) is one of the contributors, Alan Holston. He worked at Dandie Fashions, which was found in South Kensington and later on the King's Road itself. He left in 1968, when it underwent transformation into the Beatles-funded Apple Tailoring, shifting to a career in the music business.

Check out all of Alan's photos (including some superb shots of mid to late-60s suits) on the Facebook page, plus much more besides. Certainly one to watch.

Epicentre of creativity World's End chelsea SW10 in the 1960s Facebook group

Feature: Take them down!

by Modculture 19 April, 2011

Being sent to borstal wasn’t much fun, but you could still retain your identity as a mod if you tried. John Waters looks at life behind bars for a young offender. Continue Reading

eBay watch: Mods in the Observer

by Modculture 2 March, 2011

I'm not recommending you buy this unless you happen to be loaded today, but if you are browsing a box of old magazines and see an Observer magazine from 1967 (you've a 1 in 52 chance), you might get lucky with this one.

It features what looks like an extensive article on mods / the mod scene in the 60s, with the title of Ready Steady Gone, I suspect, referring to its death. Anyone have the article? Do let us know.

The seller wants £69.99 for it, which is ridiculous. If it was a tenner or less, I'd certainly be bidding for it – as would many of you I guess.

Find out more at the eBay website

BBC mods and rockers gallery

by Modculture 11 January, 2011

Think this is a new gallery (although I've seen some of the photos before), so this mods and rockers gallery on the BBC Sussex site is worth a quick look.

According to the site, all the images are from the bank holiday riots of 1964 in the area – so check 'em out if you like that kind of thing.

BBC Sussex mods and rockers gallery

Ready Steady Go Mod Expo

by Modculture 20 December, 2010

Still a few months off, but we thought we'd flag up early the Ready Steady Go Expo (aka Life Through The Eyes of A 60s Mod), which kicks off from April 2011.

It takes place at Reading Museum & Town Hall, Blagrave Street, Reading, a collaborative project between Reading Museum, Modculture regular Paul 'Smiler' Anderson and Damian Jones, with the aim of showcasing 1960s Mod style with authenticity and a 'scholarly attention to detail'. 

Continue Reading

Rewind The 60s – mod episode

by Modculture 17 November, 2010

Ok, the title might be a little misleading, but the series of 60s shows we flagged up the other week, Rewind The 60s, has reached 1964/65, which means mods get a look in.

If you missed the show, you can watch it again on BBC iPlayer (UK only sadly), with the mod and scootering content just under half an hour in. The stuff before that is interesting enough though.

Check it out on the BBC site now.

Watch Rewind The 60s at the BBC website

Rewind The 60s on BBC One

by Modculture 9 November, 2010

Ok, it could well be rubbish, but if daytime TV is your thing (or if you can be bothered setting a recorder), Rewind The 60s starts next week, running daily at 9:15am on BBC One.

It seems to be looking at a year each day, kicking off with 1960/1961, with the general description claiming the show will 'explore all aspects of the 1960s: from where we lived, to what we ate, to how we dressed, and what we listened to.' However, it's level might be summed up by Jimmy Tarbuck being on the first one. But who knows? You could get some mod-related content when the show gets to 1963/1964. John Waters, who tipped me off about it, says there is – and I'm happy to take his word on it.

It's hosted by Lulu – that's her, next to that huge lamp. More on the web page.

Rewind The 60s on BBC One