Classic cycling: Diederik Degryse of Magliamo interviewed

by Modculture 7 June, 2019

Currently one of Paul Weller’s favourite labels, we talk to Diederik Degryse of vintage cycling brand and current mod favourite Magliamo. Continue Reading

Interview: Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland talk Modzines

by Modculture 30 January, 2019

With the book about to hit the shelves, I caught up with Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland to talk Modzines, the revival years and future projects. Continue Reading

A Year In Mod: 20 most popular posts of 2018

by Modculture 28 December, 2018

It’s that time of year again. I’ve checked the figures, added them up and worked out A Year In Mod: 20 most popular posts of 2018. Continue Reading

Mod shoes: An interview with Doctor Watson Shoemaker

by Modculture 7 October, 2018

You might have seen some wonderfully ‘60s shoes appearing across social media recently. They are likely to be the work of Ivan, aka Doctor Watson Shoemaker, who I caught up with recently. Continue Reading

It’s Time For…Five Thirty: The Tara Milton Interview

by Modculture 14 September, 2018

From the mod circuit to more overground success, band break and eventual solo career. Mark Raison talks to Tara Milton of Five Thirty. Continue Reading