Interview: Claire Mahoney talks to Rick Buckler

by Modculture 22 May, 2015

Claire Mahoney grabs a few words with The Jam’s drummer, as well as offering an insight into how newly-published autobiography. Continue Reading

Interview: Mark Raison meets Dave Davies

by Modculture 7 April, 2014

Founder of The Kinks, brother of Ray Davies and now back playing live in the UK for the first time in 13 years at London’s Barbican. Mark Raison (aka Monkey Picks) meets Dave Davies. Continue Reading

Interview: Mark Raison meets Dougal Butler – Keith Moon’s right hand man

by Modculture 4 July, 2012

He was Keith Moon’s PA and sidekick, as well as author of the soon to be republished Full Moon. Mark Raison of Monkey Picks chats to Dougal Butler about the man, mod and the reissue of the classic book. Continue Reading

Interview: Neil Henderson meets Ian McLagan

by Modculture 6 March, 2012

Neil Henderson catches up with ex-Small Face (and Face) Ian McLagan to talk the past and the present. Continue Reading

Interview: Mark Powell (Soho tailor)

by Modculture 10 September, 2011

Soho ‘face’ and tailor to the stars Mark Powell speaks to Jason Holmes about his style influences and why he lives in the historic quarter. Continue Reading

Interview: Booker T Jones (Booker T and the MGs)

by Modculture 1 September, 2011


Neil Henderson checks out the new album from Booker T Jones and catches up for a chat. Continue Reading

Interview: Mikkel Rude (shirtmaker)

by Modculture 31 August, 2011

Mod-friendly heritage shirtmaker Mikkel Rude has also moved into both knitwear and footwear of late. We ask him about his past, the present and see what the future holds for the brand. Continue Reading