In this section of the site, we aim to feature the best of art, design, photography and technology that is of interest to the mod scene, both from the past through to the present day. If you spot anything interesting out there, do drop us a line.

Vespa goes festive: Vespa Christmas tree decorations

by Modculture 9 December, 2014

That’s right, if you heads to the official Vespa store, you can grab these Vespa Christmas tree decorations. But they don’t come cheap. Continue Reading

Mod-inspired buttonholes by Charlie Laurie Designs

by Modculture 2 December, 2014

Just had these sent over, what you would perhaps call mod-inspired buttonholes by Charlie Laurie Designs. Continue Reading

Modernist Revival book returns in a second limited edition

by Modculture 21 November, 2014

We did feature this some weeks back and not long after, it sold out in ‘record time’ for the publisher. But worry not, as the Modernist Revival book has returned, alongside an exhibition and limited edition prints. Continue Reading

Motifs limited edition box set by Sir Peter Blake

by Modculture 31 October, 2014

Not cheap, that’s pretty much a given. But that’s not to say that we don’t love this limited edition Motifs box set by Sir Peter Blake. Continue Reading

The Jam limited edition Going Underground poster and birthday card by Piper Gates Design

by Modculture 3 October, 2014

We have mentioned the designer before, not least with the Small Faces items from the start of the new. Well, Piper Gates Design is back, this time with The Jam Going Underground poster and birthday card. Continue Reading

Dansette style: UO X Crosley Sterling record player now available in the UK

by Modculture 15 August, 2014

No, this isn’t an eBay find, this is actually a new design. Specifically, we’re talking the UO X Crosley Sterling record player, which has just landed in the UK. Continue Reading

Glasgow Mods photography exhibition by Lisa Boyd in London

by Modculture 11 June, 2014

If you happen to be in the east London area, you might want to pop in and see the upcoming Glasgow Mods photography exhibition by Lisa Boyd. Continue Reading

Cool concept: Vespa-inspired digital camera

by Modculture 19 March, 2014

Not sure how many people use standalone digital camera these days in light of cameras on mobile phones being so good. But something like this Vespa-inspired digital camera might tempt you back in. Continue Reading

Mod for the home: Handmade target cushion at Etsy

by Modculture 11 March, 2014

Don’t ask how we spotted this, but we did indeed spot this handmade target cushion at the Etsy website. Not too expensive either. Continue Reading

New Shag print: The Lost Book

by Modculture 31 January, 2014

Some years back (could be 10 or more now), we ran an interview with Josh Agle, aka the artist Shag. he’s gone from strength to strength since and his artwork is even more sought after. This new print, The Lost Book, will sell out completely within hours. Continue Reading