New band: MiRi May

by Modculture 31 May, 2012

Fans of late ’60s psychedelia might want to give MiRi May a listen. Continue Reading

New band: The Strypes

by Modculture 27 April, 2012

The most amazing thing about The Strypes is that they sound like they do, but they’re all around 15 years old. Continue Reading

New Band: Paradise

by Modculture 11 April, 2012

Need to get the new bands thing rolling again, so big thanks to Tamar Berk for flagging up a band out of Portland, Oregon, going by the name of Paradise. Actually, she’s a member of that band. Continue Reading

Janice Graham Band – Murder

by Modculture 15 September, 2011

Remember The Dead 60s? That’s who I thought about when I heard the Janice Graham Band. Continue Reading

New band: The Broken Vinyl Club

by Modculture 11 May, 2011

Yesterday, I reviewed the new Hipsters 2 compilation on Acid Jazz, with a track by The Broken Vinyl Club being one of the highlights. So we’re highlighting this very band, who might well be big news later this year. Continue Reading