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Fred Perry 1960s-style cord bomber jacket

by Modculture 21 November, 2014

Fred Perry currently has a range for men and women by the name of Reissues. Essentially it is clothing inspired by classics from the Fred Perry archive. Not exactly one-to-one replicas, but as near as you get. This Fred Perry cord bomber jacket is one example. Continue Reading

Graham Marsh-designed Vintage Ivy Collection shirts at Kamakura

by Modculture 16 November, 2014

If you know the name Graham Marsh, it could be because you own the wonderful The Ivy Look book or indeed, Michael Caine 1960s or the jazz-inspired Max and the Lost Note kids book. Regardless of that, you will probably want to take notice of the Graham Marsh-designed Vintage Ivy Collection shirts at Kamakura. Continue Reading

1960s-style scarves by Beat Surrender

by Modculture 10 November, 2014

A good number of these around right now, but with the price of Tootal scarves being at the premium end of the market, there is always likely to be opportunities for cheaper competition. Like Beat Surrender, for example. Continue Reading

Adidas Stockholm OG trainers reissued this weekend

by Modculture 7 November, 2014

Possibly good reason to stay up late – the Adidas Stockholm OG trainers are reissued this weekend and just might sell out soon very, very quickly. Continue Reading

Adidas Hamburg trainers reissued in white and royal blue

by Modculture 2 November, 2014

Plenty of reissues of these in the past year, including yellow and blue suede, red and green suede, white leather and brown suede, Dublin, Oslo and Vienna colourways and most recently, a frost blue suede finish. But that’s not quite all for the Adidas Hamburg trainers. Continue Reading

Gabicci Vintage clearance at Secret Sales

by Modculture 2 November, 2014

If you are into the label, you might want to check out the Gabicci Vintage clearance at Secret Sales. Continue Reading

Adidas Rouge OG trainers reissued this weekend

by Modculture 30 October, 2014

Said to be one of the ‘holy grail’ styles from the archive, the Adidas Rouge OG trainers return this weekend – and are likely to sell out pretty quickly too. Continue Reading

Archive Baracuta G4 shirt collar jacket gets a reissue

by Modculture 29 October, 2014

You have to say that Baracuta has certainly gone upmarket (and got a little more interesting) since being taken on by the WP Lavori company. In fact, it looks like the label is now hunting back through its archives, reissuing items like the 1980s Baracuta G4 shirt collar jacket. Continue Reading

Lord Dunsby-designed Radio ABC t-shirts now available to buy

by Modculture 23 October, 2014

When we flagged up the (very successful) charity Radio ABC DJ-a-thon a while back, a lot of people asked about the flyer and t-shirts that were mentioned at the same time. Well, it has taken a little time, but the Lord Dunsby-designed Radio ABC t-shirts are now available to buy online. Continue Reading

Now available: Adidas Bern OG City Series trainers

by Modculture 22 October, 2014

The Adidas Bern OG City Series trainers are now available, but you’ll have to be quick to secure a pair. Continue Reading