Graham Marsh-designed Vintage Ivy Collection shirts at Kamakura

by Modculture 16 November, 2014

If you know the name Graham Marsh, it could be because you own the wonderful The Ivy Look book or indeed, Michael Caine 1960s or the jazz-inspired Max and the Lost Note kids book. Regardless of that, you will probably want to take notice of the Graham Marsh-designed Vintage Ivy Collection shirts at Kamakura. Continue Reading

In pictures: Art Gallery autumn / winter 2014 knitwear range

by Modculture 15 October, 2014

Words can only say so much when it comes to clothing, so here is a selection of images showcasing the Art Gallery autumn / winter 2014 knitwear range, which does the job so much better. Continue Reading

Now available online: Paul Weller’s Real Stars Are Rare clothing collection

by Modculture 10 October, 2014

To be honest, we lost track of this a little, but with the launch party for the press just gone (no, we didn’t get an invite), probably worth mentioning that Paul Weller’s Real Stars Are Rare clothing collection is now available online. Continue Reading

New launch: 1960s-inspired Connection knitwear

by Modculture 28 March, 2014

Some of you may know Daniele Savare, particularly from the Modculture forums. Alongside Camila, he’s now the person behind the newly-launched Connection knitwear range, which has just introduced its first designs. Continue Reading

Video and image preview: Real Stars Are Rare – Paul Weller’s new clothing label

by Modculture 21 February, 2014

I’ve been trying to get details of this for weeks, but have just hit brick walls. Thankfully, there are now some preview details of Paul Weller’s new clothing label, Real Stars Are Rare, online. Continue Reading

Norman Jay x Gabicci 40th anniversary collection

by Modculture 31 August, 2013

It’s odd that the press behind this describes Gabicci as a ‘northern soul brand’. The label (or the best bits of it) have been worn on the mod scene for years, so with that in mind, the Norman Jay x Gabicci 40th anniversary collection should be of interest. Continue Reading

Feature: Peter Harland Tailors in Liverpool

by Modculture 3 April, 2013

Michael Bennett has a chat with his tailor of choice (and many others on the mod scene), Peter Harland in Liverpool. Continue Reading

DC Bespoke shirtmakers – tailor-made mod-styled shirts in Manchester

by Modculture 15 February, 2013

Michael Bennett gives us the lowdown on DC Bespoke, the mod-friendly bespoke shirtmaker, based just outside the centre of Manchester. Continue Reading

Updated: Sales, discounts and discount codes

by Modculture 24 December, 2012

The sales season isn’t actually running now, but plenty of bargains still to be had. Which makes it the perfect time to update the sales, discounts and discount codes section. If you want a bargain, read on for the places to buy some cheap clobber – as long as you are quick. We’ve compiled a pretty long list. Continue Reading

Mod, the media and Bradley Wiggins

by Modculture 24 July, 2012

When Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France, the media rushed for an ‘angle’. That angle was mod. Continue Reading