Vintage-style Flamingo button down madras shirts by Capirari

by Modculture 11 October, 2016

Always nice to see a new shirtmaker on the block, especially one like Capirari, which produces these rather cool Flamingo button down madras shirts. Continue Reading

Interview: Gill Long of Cock of the Walk Tailors (part one)

by Modculture 21 September, 2016

The mod scene’s rising star of tailoring is Gill Long of Cock of the Walk Tailors. We caught up with Gill for an extensive interview covering everything from her training and skills through to the clothing she makes and why mods from all over the UK and beyond are knocking at her door. Part two of the interview can be read here. Continue Reading

Interview: Gill Long of Cock of the Walk Tailors (part two)

by Modculture 21 September, 2016

The second part of our interview with Gill Long of Cock of the Walk Tailors, talking everything tailoring and why a growing number of mods are seeking out her skills. If you missed it, part one of the interview is here. Continue Reading

On a budget: 1960s-style cord jackets at Fuzzdandy

by Modculture 1 August, 2016

If paying £200+ for a Levi’s Vintage Type III jacket in cord is a bit much, you can always check out these 1960s-style cord jackets at Fuzzdandy. Continue Reading

Moses, Mods and Mr Fish exhibition in London

by Modculture 31 March, 2016

It opens today and if you are able to get there, the Moses, Mods and Mr Fish exhibition in London looks well worth checking out. Continue Reading

New batch of discounted Desert Boots land at the online Clarks Outlet Store

by Modculture 10 March, 2016

We have mentioned the Clarks Outlet in the past, but stock has been up and down in terms of its Originals range. But right now there seems to be a healthy stock of Desert Boots at reduced prices. Continue Reading

Budget option: Vintage-style knitted ties at Amazon for under a fiver

by Modculture 13 January, 2016

Since Uniqlo stopped selling them, it hasn’t been so easy to find an affordable source of slim knitted ties for sale online. But now it looks like Amazon has sorted things out. Continue Reading

Clarks launches an online outlet store

by Modculture 11 November, 2015

We have just noticed that Clarks has launched an online outlet store – and yes, there are desert boots in it. Continue Reading

Interview: Daniele Savare talks Connection Knitwear and Clothing

by Modculture 5 November, 2015

Modculture talks to Daniele Savare about Connection Knitwear and Clothing, the super-stylish new mod label out of Italy. All images by Dominic Hinde. Continue Reading

High street mod: 10 of the best 1960s-style dresses

by Modculture 18 September, 2015

We’ve noticed a growing number of 1960s-style dresses on there racks of late – too many to ignore in fact. So with that in mind, we’ve pulled together 10 of the best that are out there and online right now. Hopefully one will suit you and your budget. Continue Reading