Fashion, style, whatever you want to call it, this is the section where mod-related clothing and accessories will be found. That’s a mix of in-depth features and news items as and when we find them for both men and women. Spotted something we should feature? Don’t keep it to yourself. Drop us a line.

Marriott-style knitted shirts return to Pretty Green

by Modculture 22 September, 2018

Saw some last year, but the Marriott-style knitted shirts at Pretty Green are new designs for the winter. Continue Reading

John Smedley Mill Sale details confirmed

by Modculture 19 September, 2018

Always one for the diary if you love your knitwear – the John Smedley Mill Sale. Continue Reading

Fred Perry introduces tennis bomber jacket for women

by Modculture 14 September, 2018

A classic design, but previously aimed at just the male market. However, now you can get a Fred Perry tennis bomber jacket for women. Continue Reading

Clarks Gore-Tex desert boots now in the Clarks Outlet

by Modculture 13 September, 2018

If you fancy a pair, the Clarks Gore-Tex desert boots have just landed in the Clarks Outlet store. Continue Reading

Jump The Gun 1960s-style short-sleeve knitwear

by Modculture 13 September, 2018

Just spotted this Jump The Gun 1960s-style short-sleeve knitwear, all of which is a limited edition release. Continue Reading