Clarks x Pretty Green desert boots

by Modculture 17 February, 2010


Spot the difference? Aside fom colour, we can't spot much of a difference between a standard pair of Clarks deserts boots and the forthcoming Clarks x Pretty Green desert boots.

There's a Pretty Green tag on there, there's a new set of colour options (including colours darker than the cream pictured here – we've seen images of brown, blue and black) and the stitching and sole are colour co-ordinated. The laces are probably a bit 'u' on the usual too, but it seems to be small detail rather than major overhaul. No bad thing there then.

The price is expected to be around £99, with a shelf date of around July.

Pretty Green website

Via Solefood

  • Robbo

    Not sure how long this item has been here, but thought I’d add my comments.
    I’ve seen the Pretty Green ones and they are quite a bit different to the Clarks Originals.
    The Pretty Green ones have a flatter, squarer toe and are a lot softer and more casual in their design. The heel is lower too.
    If you see them in the flesh and compare them side by side, which you can in Schuh, you will see what I mean.
    My opinion though, its good to have choice.

  • John Davidson

    These boots are THE best on the market and night and day from the Orig Clarks….lower sole, square toe, higher laces…all in all the ultimate desert boot in my humble opinion…cheers