Coming soon: A weekly Modculture newsletter

by Modculture 8 August, 2013

Coming soon: A weekly Modculture newsletter

Coming soon: A weekly Modculture newsletter

Some of you might have signed up for a Modculture newsletter in the past and seen nothing since. That’s because I’ve just not had time to produce one. That is changing soon with the introduction of a weekly newsletter.

Here’s the idea.

A newsletter goes out once a week, picking out the stuff featured on the site that week, upcoming events, things I never got round to listing and any other odds and ends. Basically, Modculture in an email.

It will coincide with cutting back on updates on Facebook and Twitter. Basically I don’t want to clutter up your feeds, so will just put out a selection of updates on the social networks (that’s already started to be honest).

If things work out, I’ll probably start doing exclusive giveaways on the newsletter too.

So this is what you need to do.

If you haven’t signed up to join the newsletter as yet, do that by signing up via the box at the right hand side of this page. If you have already signed up, you’ll get it. If you were signed up to the old daily email from the old version of the site, that is dead – you’ll need to sign up to the new newsletter.

That’s it really. Tell your friends. It’ll be worth the effort, especially if you don’t check the site too often.