Coming soon: The In-Kraut Volume 3

by Modculture 21 April, 2008

We loved the first two volumes, so we’re happy to hear of the launch of The In-Kraut Volume 3.

It’s the final instalment in the series on Marina Records, featuring more vintage German grooves from ’67 to ’74 – 20 rare soul, beat, now sound, mod, jazz & soundtrack gems to be precise. That includes mod stomper Glory Be by Daisy Clan, Dieter Zimmermann’s orchestral take on Whole Lotta Love, Inga’s cover of Sonny & Cher’s The Beat Goes On, Katja Ebstein’s ‘druggy’ take on A Hard Day’s Night and an even more funk’d up version of The Champ by The German Top Five. Not to mention the usual batch of lost/rediscovered vintage grooves.

We’ll have a review of the album before release – which is May 9th 2008.

Find out more at the Marina Records website