Pow Wow Club podcast

by Modculture 4 January, 2006

Powwow_2 As a special gift to Pow Wow Club members, we’re giving away something special – DJ sets from behind the decks to download and play on your computer, home stereo or your Apple or MP3 player.

Podcasts are MP3 files you can download and take with you – and set to become the big thing over the next year. Obviously, we’re ahead of the game (or at least up with it) and will offer a preview of the biggest mod club launch of the year to anyone who signs up as a member (which is free). You can sign up here:

Only members will have access to the podcasts.

And don’t forget, the club begins its run in Sheffield on Saturday 21st January. You can get full details at:

Or you can email for details to [email protected]