Daisy Jaynes – 60s-style dressmaker

by Modculture 5 August, 2009


Be warned, the website is incredibly rough 'n' ready, but if you're on the look out for a 60s-style dress, Daisy Jaynes is well worth checking out.

Daisy Jaynes is a new business, producing 60s-style dresses from original 1960s patterns, but with a modern-day twist thrown in for good measure. or if you want something specific in terms of detailing or sizing, they can sort that out too.

Judging by what's already on the site, prices are typically between £45 and £55. Check that out to see what's currently available.

Daisy Jaynes website

  • Wow! Sorry to state this, but the pattern on the left is not actually an original pattern from the 1960’s. The dress, though inspired from that era, happens to originate from 2000. I happen to know this as it was one of my very first dresses from my Marmalade line as customers of Marmalade may notice also with three others under the Daisy Jayne label. I am not attempting to discourage custom from the above as some of the other cuts on their site are lovely, I just happen to work really hard on what I do and was speechless to have several of my designs knocked off! As flattering as it is, flattery for an independent business girl does not pay the bills:) Hope you can understand my drawing attention to this.