David Lines on Radio 4

by Modculture 28 March, 2007

We mentioned a while back that David Lines’ excellent The Modfather: My Life With Paul Weller is being reissued with a new cover and Paul Weller introduction. Well, this has now been confirmed for July 5th 2007.

And if you want to know more about the man behind the book, David Lines will be interviewed in 3 Minute Education on BBC Radio 4 on April 26th at 11.30am. Which could be quite interesting – especially if there’s details of the book becoming a play.

Read our review of the book

  • Thomas kenny

    Back in my teenage days in the 1980’s I Used to have faith in mods those days they were neat dress especially their 3 button suits it was like going way back in the 60’s in britain but I once was a 1960’s mania on pop music I had a collection of 60’s LPs especially pop groups & singers but my favourites are the beatles,the who & The dave clark five & R&B movements & Because I’m 42 years of age means those records I started listening to first when I was 10 years of age means I know all the classic hit singles of all-time when I heard them years ago on radio & when I was dressed up in mod gear I Used to wear straight trousers which had 16″hems,Button down & paisley shirts,knitted ties,polo shirts,2-3 Button blazers & suits,winklepicker boots & a beatle haircut.So all these were originals. So I Never used to go out with a gang of mods but I used to sometimes go to 60’s mod clubs in town listening to a DJ playing all R&B & soul music one night & mostly go out to pubs & social clubs for a 60’s night out drinking lager beer & never rode a motor scooter in all my life.