Davies confirms Kinks reunion is on

by Modculture 6 November, 2008

Ray Davies had spoken earlier this year of his desire to reform 60s beat icons The Kinks. This week he confirmed the group are together and writing new songs.

Speaking to BBC News, he stated “We’ve started a little bit of this and that…[the full reunion] depends if there’s good music. We want good new music. I’d like to do it as a more collaborative thing than we used to do”.

Any reunion was dependent upon the health of Dave Davies, who has been recovering from a stroke in 2004. Dave is now well enough to participate, he said.

Meanwhile Ray Davies has a solo US tour to undertake, and a further album of collaborations on the horizon. He is aiming to duet with a range of artists, including Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell, Snow Patrol, and even Chuck Berry.

The Kinks last performed together in 1996. When any groups gigs are announced Modculture will be first to let you know.

  • Frank Lima

    KinKs fan of the Nation are hoping for a KinKs reunion BUT only if Ray and Dave both want it and ONLY for the right reasons. The KinKs and their music has always been too relevent and important and no self respecting Kinks fan would want them to get back together for an oldies tour for the sake of nostagia. In fact as a long time and die hard KinKs fan I wouldn\’t care that if at the next Kinks show all the material was new and they didn’t do any of their old songs hits ot even the obscure kinks songs I love so much. To me and many others The KinKs have always been and alawys will be the best band and our all time favorite band by far. All I can sau is we want what is best for Ray and Dave be that a reunion or not, we always still have their solo material and tours to look forward too, Dave is on the mend and should be out on the road next year with or with out the Kinks and Ray is a work horse, touring, recordoing and he just had the debut of nnhis new Come Dancing musical open In London at the Stratford East Theatre, and if there is any justice in the world you will be seeing that amazing musical on Broadway in NYC next year. I flew over to London to see it an styaed for a week and saw it 5 times. Here is a sample clip from that show.