Discussion: What are you reading?

by Modculture 18 April, 2012

Here Comes The Nice by Jeremy Reed

Here Comes The Nice by Jeremy Reed

Another popular topic in the old forums was about the printed word, specifically what are you reading? So it’s another discussion thread that is coming back.

Once again, I’ll kick things off. I’m currently reading, albeit very slowly, Here Comes The Nice by Jeremy Reed, which isa a strange mod / time travel ‘ sci-fi kinda thing. I’ll be honest, the reason it’s going so slow is that it’s not really taking a hold of me as yet. I usually skip through a really good book in days. But I’m persevering. You can find out about the book here.

On a non-mod tip, I’m also reading The Man Who Sold The World: David Bowie And The 1970s, which is pretty self-explanatory, looking at the characters Bowie created for himself in a 10-year period. Full write-up here.

Finally, just started re-reading The Sixties Art Scene in London by David Mellor, which is out of print these days, but can still be found. That’s ahead of a review for the site.

Oh yes, also reading the latest Shindig! magazine.

So what are you reading? Do let us know below…

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