Discussion: What I bought today…

by Modculture 11 April, 2012

J. Press button-down shirt

J. Press button-down shirt

Ok, after some feedback on the Facebook page, I’m starting a discussion thread called What I bought today…– just like the one that used to be on the forums.

I’ll kick things off, although I’ve bought nothing today. I spent a small fortune in J. Press in New York last week though, picking up a stack of shirts, including the Madras button-down above. Well made, great feel, but watch the sizing if you buy blind – you have to size down.

If you want to add your recent buys, just add the details and the all-important links in the comments section below.

  • the Persuasion

    Check trousers from Mendoza and navy Dockers. Picked up some gorgeous 60s Ravel basket weave shoes yesterdat

  • czechmate

     Bank holiday ebay purchase – these vintage deadstock shirts usually auction for £50 or so this one was just £23

    • modculture

       Got a link for the seller?

      • czechmate

         The seller’s name is Bibabarbarella – she gets a few vintage shirts but usually only tiny sizes 13-14 neck.

  • Steve

    A lovely silk knitted tie by Crombie for £15 was my most recent purchase.

  • Russ Bibb

    Some nice vintage dark Brown Fred Perry chinos off e-bay. Just being hemmed at the tailors 🙂

  • Bargain -slim fit white jeans in the sale at H&M for 10 quid -just need to be taken up a bit.

  • Curt Photo

    Arrived today – Top Man “Berry Chambray Skinny Blazer” and I’m loving it.

    • Lord_Mulberry

      Top Man?  eeewww  LOL

  • Wayne Kessler

    Pair of Clarks Wallabee Run, ebony colourway.  Essentially a Wallabee with a slim sole.

    • Woody64

      Nice Wayne,

      Never liked the chunkier wedge sole. How much? Need to have a look for these.

      • Wayne Kessler

         £67.99 off an Ebay retailer (Legend Footwear)

        • Woody64

          Cheers Wayne!

  • BKP69

    Not bought today but a couple of weeks ago a pair of Loake ‘stitch’ brogues for £170 to go with the black chalk stripe  double breasted suit I’m about to have made for Dreamsville

  • DoctorJimmy

    the first patch for my parka. it’s been bare with nothing but badges for too long.

  • vesss180

    Summer Knit picked up last weekend got an airing today…

    • modculture

       What’s the brand of that?

      • Vesss180

        United Kingdom of Luke is the brand Dave. Really nice 100% cotton knit. As good as any smedley I have. Only downside is the logo.

        • Wayne Kessler

           Looks lovely. What’s the size of the logo?

          • vesss180

             an inch or so Wayne…..at the risk of causing insult, it is in the picture…:-)

          • Wayne Kessler

             Yes, I see that. 🙂 Sometimes not easy to tell at a glance.

    • can’t hardy see the logo, very cool!

  • elondonlad

    yesterday i bought a knitted navy short sleeved polo top with a white and navy striped collar from h+m, plus a black cardigan in the sale at fred perry with a red and cream stripe going down the front, i could have spent a small fortune in fred perry but had to reign in my spending as i bought a suit from ben sherman last week

  • Camper Canvas

  • Bought a nice pair of burgundy penny loafers from Next of all places. Retail at £50. Obviously not as nice as Bass Weejuns but still a nice shoe.

  • Northstar

    Uniqlo button down polo in navy – bargain at £12.90.

    LVC 519 Bedford Cord trousers from Oi Polloi – not so cheap at £145, but they are a great fit.

    • Mo’ Onions

      Picked up a couple of the Uniqlo polos myself last week in white and sky. Size down and they’re a lovely fit.

    • nice one but I prefer wrangler

    • How is the sizing on those Bedfords? do they run true to size? 

      • Northstar

        Pretty much – i’m a 32″ waist and they are a better fit than 32″ LVC jeans.

  • Lord_Mulberry

    The other day I bought a dark blue and white quartered polo by Pierre Cardin. I’m off for a final fitting sometime this weekend and I always get sort of nervous with those. I think it’s because you don’t really know what the tailor is going to come up with, you have an idea but sometimes it might be a little different from what you tried to convey. But whatever he comes up with I suspect it’ll look banging.

  • Mo’ Onions

    Given Claudio the nod for a pair of DNA basketweave chisel toe shoes….Christ on a bike, they’re beautiful. Now just have to wait for them to come in stock.

    Oh, and a brand new Smedley mustard short sleeve polo. An evilbay bargain at £18. Turned up today and it’s kosher. To quote that East Anglian style guru Alan Partridge… ‘Back of the net’. 

  • Benothemod1964

    Just bough a TUK TUK floral shirt …Not bought an ‘off the peg’ shirt for quite a while, so hope it fits! Its a lovely cool pattern with a Button Down Collar . . .Always liked the look of there shirts so lets see. 

  • Probably not everyones cup of tea Im guessing but grabbed myself this from
     Ebay, lovely under my chocolate brown suit Im thinking.

    Dont see many like this about anymore so Im happy.

    • brianb

      I actually like that a lot. Nice grab….

  • BKP69

    a nice Farrell(whoever they are)silk spotted scarf pinkish with white spots reduced from 43.99 to 12.99 from my moms catalogue(hides head in slight embarrassment)

  • Paul

    Ronnie top in navy from Art Gallery Clothing, arrived yesterday. Lovely quality and good, simple designs.

  • Neil Lee

    Just picked up a couple of Smedleys for work. Did’nt have time to try them on and when i got home they were to small. So sent them back to Andy at the Facotory shop who sent me some back in a larger size. really cant speak highly enough about the service and Andy at Smedley.

    • Patrick_D_B

      Have to echo Neil’s sentiments here. I was in a similar situation and they took care of it with no bother. Excellent customer service.

  • Patrick Bumby

    Just picked up a navy Crombie overcoat and a navy Crombie (again) suede belt. All that and only a half day at work so I’m pretty happy right now.

  • bought a tywhitt navy blue jumper 59 note and pearl grey material from the fabric man on here

  • nice

  • b ought as well in milan, two plain coloured robe di kappa polos, again you gotta size down like in my case twice ,they are selling for bout 12 notes in gigante supermarkets

  • Brooks Brothers 3/2 navy sack blazer made in usa… three pairs of weejuns (they are cheap here in the US)  

    • AndyH

      Due to visit the US in June – any idea if the Weekun offer is still likely to be running?

      • vesss180

         its an ongoing offer but only in the outlet stores Andy. I was there last year and the year before, it was running then too.

  • Ross Goman

    I have been looking at the brown ones of these for ages, was in M and S today and they had them in Blue so i just had to have them. As usual from M and S very good quality for the price. http://www.marksandspencer.com/Sartorial-Suede-Defence-Slip-On-Loafers/dp/B005ZZ5JMO?ie=UTF8&ref=sr_1_4&nodeId=487661031&sr=1-4&qid=1336489796&pf_rd_r=0BB8WM6403F1K8F0FGPC&pf_rd_m=A2BO0OYVBKIQJM&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=487661031&pf_rd_p=215570647&pf_rd_s=related-items-3   

  • Just got my light weight camel tan and chocolate tweed blazer, chocolate english silk lining, 3 button, 8 n 1/2 inch center vent with dark olive green suede oval elbow patches… its become my prized sartorial possession now! just need a par of logan burgundy weejuns to top it off… anyone know where I can get a pair for a decent price (not using ebay)?

    • vesss180

       what size shoe are you? I have a brand new pair of Bass Weejun Larkin Tasselled Loafers in Burgandy. Sent from US, as a present, too big for me US Size 9.5 EEE, Was going to put them on Ebay but if you are interested.? K

      •  Bass Weejuns on sale in TK Maxx. Spotted 9s and 10s in Argyle street branch Glasgow. Burgundy and black

    • Lord_Mulberry

      Looking in to the mass produced stuff coming into the shops this year it seems elbow patches are back in fashion.

  • Lord_Mulberry

    Bought a pin through collar shirt in white from Adam of London  http://www.adamoflondon.com/aol_newshop/index.php?l=product_list&c=25

  • jackcharlton

     Lovely shirt you’ve got there Spectre. Some great details.

  • Ronnie Diamond


  • Andywinton

    anybody know where i can purchase a decent quality paisley shirt online?

    • Neil Lee

      I have two I am willing to sell. Both tailored with little wear. [email protected] if you are interested.

  • Giles

    Some very nice Smedleys – Grey with light grey trim being the nicest ! Nowt finer.
    Does anyone know where I would get a coat like this (or what you would describe it as when searching ?) – http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0224073915/ref=s9_simh_gw_p14_d0_g14_i1?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=center-3&pf_rd_r=0AT81F4Y6AG8V028NASK&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=467128473&pf_rd_i=468294

  • modstan

    Giles, try Mendoza in brick lane or online, he has lots of these type of jackets

  • GG

    Burgundy Harrington from Jump The Gun http://www.jumpthegun.co.uk/product/Harrington_Burgundy_Raglan

    This one fits almost exactly the same as the Baracuta Slim Fit jackets but the sleeves and body are a tad longer they’re made in England too and was only £50!

  • Ian Banks

    A Gant jacket with patch pockets…

  • Northstar

    Weejun Larkin tassle loafers in burgundy – £50 from TK Maxx, Liverpool.  Bargain!

    (TK Maxx online also Larsons in Black and Burgundy in various sizes for the same price)

    • Yes seem too be a lot of the Bass about in TK Maxx. Colours i’ve seen in ox blood brown and black, sizes 9, 10, 11.

  • Ross Goman

    I’ve not brought anything for ages (well about 2 weeks) but as it was my birthday and the sales are on i had a bit of a spend up http://www.jumpthegun.co.uk/product/DSJ_Navy_Moleskin  http://www.jumpthegun.co.uk/product/JTG_Gingham_Long_sleeve_Yellow ,Any one got any ideas  what colour tie to wear with the yellow shirt?  http://www.prettygreen.com/shop/product/ss-red-stripe-crew-neck-knit/ Also a pair of Loake loafers from Kay and Co for £66. These look better than in the pics  http://www.aldoshoes.com/uk/men/shoes/smart-lace-ups/89231808-schinkel/97. Thats it for today, could be back tomorrow.

  • Seanwallwork

    Was out shopping on Saturday with my good lady wife, she was looking in TK Maxx (Great Jumble Sale!) and I ended up buying 2 x Baracuta Howitt button down collar polo shirts
    (1 x Black and 1 x Purple) £16.99 each (BARGAIN!!!!!). Have occassionally seen the odd John Smedley aswell.

  • Robert

    Sperrys, I needed a new pair. Also ordering a nice three piece. Dark black with subtle pin striping. Not sure on the cloth quite yet however.

  • Lord_Mulberry

    Can someone recommend some shorts please?

  • Northstar

    Levi’s 508 Sta Press from Oi Polloi for £75.

  • Northstar

    Red gingham, blue gingham and madras short sleeve Brutus shirts – £25 each from ASOS. Bargain!


  • Rob_jS

    Elia Maurizi basket-weaves. Even the smell of them is great.

    • Love those, hand woven too thanks for posting.

  • John lennon collection cord shoes.

  • Wayne Massey

    Bought 2 lovely zip up woolen Pretty Green tops,one red with white trim and one black…55euro each in TK Maxx and a black Penguin Mac..really nice for 100 euro..very pleased with them all.

  • Joel Kinghan

    Clarks Desert Boot in Dark green suede. Bit boring perhaps and not going to get much wear in this season by the looks of things but nice to have on those rare dry days.


  • Steve K

    Recently purchased some Jeremy Scott for adidas bowling shoes,slightly pointier toe than the original bowler. Red on the outside,white stripe,blue on the inside. I love ’em.