eBay watch: Philips 22GF record player

by Modculture 17 November, 2009


While the 50s and 60s gave us Dansettes (and the various copies), the 1970s saw plastic enter the fray, offering more space age, lightweight designs for portable record players. The Philips 22GF 423 record player is one such example and indeed a rare one, which you can bid for on eBay right now.

It's a really cool, slimline. fold-out player, complete with built-in handle, the option to power with batteries and mains, three playback speeds, tone and volume controls and of course, a built-in speaker.

Condition is described as 'very good', but you'll have to pay postage from Germany (unless you live there) and get the mains sorted out for your own country. Price? Just £13.50 right now, with 9 days still to go.

More images and full description at the eBay website