Fred Perry Laurel store in Brighton

by Modculture 12 March, 2008

A perennial favourite of course, but the opening of a new Fred Perry branch in mod mecca Brighton is still exciting news.Fredperry2

The Dukes Lane branch, which has just opened, is a ‘Laurel’ store, meaning it is run as a boutique with a small number of staff there to help you choose from the more specialised, top-of-the-range Fred Perry items currently available. The stock range focuses primarily on the Italian and British knitwear, larger Laurel items (see photo, right), and those collaboration items the label regularly puts out.

The shop itself has the feel of a modern boutique: strong lighting, plenty of wood, glass, and steel, plus a large rustic bench to rest your tired legs on should you so wish. Prices aren’t exactly cheap of course: you are paying for quality and access to lines you cannot find stocked elsewhere (the short collar polo shirts for example). The newest addition to the Laurel range appear to be some very slim cut trousers that are sure to go down well with the modernist crowd.  Check them out if you’re anywhere near Brighton soon.

Fred Perry,
Unit 2,
Dukes Lane,
Brighton, BN1

For more on Fred Perry see their website here.