Fred Perry goes bad (again)

by Modculture 5 November, 2006


Yes, despite some great items in this year’s range, Fred Perry does have a habit of putting out some appalling items in the name of fashion – and here’s some of them.

They’re part of the Blank Canvas range – where the company invites designers to develop their own look using the Fred Perry logo. These t-shirts are from Northern Irish "stylist" Alastair McKimm, obviously based on a vintage Fred look.

What do you think? Clever design or Fred Perry hell? Let us know below.

Fred Perry website

  • ColGonk!

    …..F.P Hell… not pass Go! Go! Do not collect no street creds for your new threads….I feel ill……NURSE!

  • Shane Gladstone


  • Wow that’s bad

  • modfather

    really disgusting

  • Tommy The Face

    That is a range made by “The Beastie Boys”…utterly disgusting

  • Kerry Foster

    Freding hell! Pass me barf bag…

  • Mackem mod

    Eugh, 1st the chavs, now this. what’s next?!?

  • Sara Wichall

    This is a joke right……..

  • Hello
    Might have some news to cheer up the disenchanted. Fred Perry are about to release the final 3 shirts that were made with Paul Weller. Paul and Perry made this decision as about 10,500 people who signed up couldn’t buy the original shirt – as it sold out in 2 days. They are numbered, signed and come with Limited Edition packaging. This will be the last release of these shirts and they will not be repeated.
    700 of each shirt will be available on the special e:store – visit:
    Sign up and you will receive special adavance notice and be able to buy them before anyone else.