Gambit hits DVD for first time

by Modculture 7 October, 2009


Probably one of Caine's higher profile roles in the 60s, Gambit has become one of his forgotten flicks, but you can re-acquaint yourself with it on 30th November 2009, when it gets a first-time release on DVD via Second Sight.

Dating from 1967, Caine is a cockney con man (Harry Dean), intent on stealing a priceless statue  owned by one of the world's richest men (Shabandar – Herbert Lom). With the aid of showgirl Nicole Chang (Shirley MacLaine), he has the perfect plan – but things don't work out as intended.

It might not have the 'cool' of an Italian Job or Get Carter, but it's certainly worth a watch. The DVD version comes with all the usual special features, including an audio commentary from director Ronald Neame. Amazon are already doing pre-orders, priced at £11.69.

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